signs of healthy cannabis plants

5 Signs of Healthy Cannabis Plants

As a dedicated grower, you should be able to tell what your cannabis plant is indicating through different forms they will take throughout the developmental stages. Indeed, it will bother you a lot to see odd spotting or strange phenomena occurring on your crop. But, at the same time, it should also bother you that your plant is showing a bright aura, for you will need to maintain it through its post-harvesting period.

Sometimes, it’s confusing to see signs of healthy cannabis plants, especially if you aren’t just meticulous. For all you know, there are already caterpillars lurking around, or fungi have started its infestation in the remote part of your cannabis plant. You will never really know! Fortunately, you will soon be able to transfix your eyes on the healthy signs of a cannabis plant.

In this discussion, you will know how healthy your cannabis plant turned out after tirelessly nurturing them and providing their needs. Here are the five signs of healthy cannabis plants to bear in mind.

Most common signs of healthy cannabis plants

Thanks to your careful tending, your tiresome performances were replaced by thriving conditions that will benefit you if you were able to maintain it all at once. You will certainly meet issues that will dissuade you from proceeding, but if you persist and resist the temptation to quit, then the good thing will await you. But before that, here are the most common signs of healthy cannabis plants that you should look out for:

Grows well in your chosen medium

Growers aren’t complete strangers to a different growing medium that will allow their crops to thrive well. Since there are different gardening approaches, it’s important that you not solely base everything on your preference. In fact, it would be best if you can do the trial and terror to make sure that your plant will grow well in your chosen medium.

Now, healthy cannabis plants should grow well in the chosen medium despite its first time in the setting. It can only mean that you’ve been supplying it with appropriate necessities and adequate nutrients. But under the big umbrella are the succeeding signs of healthy cannabis plants that grow well in a particular medium.

Enough number of leaf fingers

Cannabis plants that surpassed the harvesting period and are now under the marijuana market regulation should have already possessed their leaf fingers. Though we aren’t confident about how many fan leaves should a standard cannabis plant, we are sure on the part of its leaf finger’s number.

A healthy cannabis plant will have produced fan leaves containing a number of blades or fingers. The thriving, mature fan should include nine to eleven fingers or blades, but some strains can’t just grow more than seven fingers because of its genetics. So, it’s deemed normal. Meaning, it’s still healthy.

On the other hand, healthy pre-matured fan leaves should already have produced three to five fingers. Otherwise, there might be deficiencies and excessive factors that the grower overlooked.

The color of the leaves

While it’s true that different strains appear in different colors, specifically from the lightest shade of green to the darkest hue of purple, there should be a visual consistency throughout its existence. You will have to keep in mind all the possible spotting or discoloration that may occur because some of these might actually be indicators of the more significant issue – health problems of the crop.

Some of the most indicated are water problems, unregulated pH levels, improper nutrient solutions, pest attacks, fungi infestations, unbalanced temperature, and a lot more. For instance, a healthy cannabis plant will not have its edges appear burnt or spots to come out unexpectedly. A healthy cannabis plant, if had grown in a green leaf during should remain in the same color until it dies.

Sturdy leaves

A healthy cannabis plant will have to have stronger leaves. Meaning, it remains upright and unbreakable by soft nudges or slight pest infestations as it lives. On the other hand, a leaf’s meek condition is not something to overlook because it may signify nutrient deficiency, poor water practices, improper nutrients, etc. Also, a thriving leaf should not be heavy and droopy because it may be overwatered.

The structure of the branch

In a mere sight, growers should be able to see if the branch indicates that the entirety of the plant is healthy. For instance, thriving crops should have stretch marks etched on its parts because it’s a sign that it had grown well. But, if the condition of cannabis’s developmental stage of the cannabis was restored, then it won’t be there.

Instead, what growers, who never encountered a great developmental phase, have to look out for the stem’s stature. A healthy plant should sit upright, and that it won’t bend forward as it got older. There might also be spots that occur, which is not normal. But marks are conventional, so there’s nothing to worry about.

The listed signs of a healthy cannabis plant above are something to notice as it grows over time, especially if it’s going to be delving into the marijuana market. Still, growing cannabis plants for personal use should not encourage slacking in maintaining the plant’s overall wellness. Also, know that buds will display different signs of healthiness and is nothing compared to the uncomplexity of seeking a cannabis plant’s health indications.

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Being a concerned grower doesn’t mean you have to have an educational background in diagnosing your crop. After all, there will be obviously odd signs that will come into your way as you progress through phase by phase. In that case, you will have to be mindful of signs of healthy cannabis plants.

Afterward, if you think what you’ve seen is not similar to what you learned, then that’s the time to record, take note, and diagnose your plant. It would also be recommendable to seek professional advice to evade mistakes that will eventually and possibly harm your plant.

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