Will a Cannabis Clone from a Feminized Plant Produce Seeds?

Cloning cannabis plants has long been practiced by marijuana breeders all over the world. This process enables growers to produce the exact same replica of a high-quality mother plant. But can clones from feminized plants produce seeds?

As compared to male marijuana, female marijuana seeds are highly preferred and that most cannabis growers are very much fond of growing cannabis seeds that are all female. In growing one’s very own cannabis seeds, it follows some simple technique so you are able to produce your own feminized cannabis seeds. In fact, when you are growing these seeds, you only have to consider the basics in taking care of your plant.

There is actually science involved when producing cannabis seeds. For the purpose of information, feminized cannabis seeds are those seeds that are all-female or those seeds that have the ability to flower. They are more preferred rather than the male cannabis because the male ones do not bear flowers and will just be simply thrown away.

The good thing about some of the pot seeds these days is that they can be feminized or cloned to propagate. Some can produce through auto-flowering methods. Cannabis has two pairs of sex chromosomes. One of them carries the genes that determine which sex the plant would have. With growing marijuana, you can control the ratio to which female is to male if you know how to recognize males from females.

Breeders don’t want to waste their plants on seeds unless it is for breeding certain varieties. However, seeds do not give any potent marijuana effects. To avoid pollination by males, female weeds should be separated from the males. This is helpful as it will avoid pollination problems with growing pot. As to how it is done starts early on when the cannabis is still young. It is important to identify which plant is male and which plant is female. The characteristic of a female plant shows tiny white pistils which look like white hairs. For a male, their pre-flower appears like small buds clustered on the junctions of the marijuana. Having identified them early on can give you a warning which is female and which is not.

Producing Seeds from Female Clones

To answer the question, YES, clones from a feminized plant are able to produce seeds. In fact, it doesn’t matter whether a plant is a clone or the mother plant itself. The issue here is getting a feminized plant to produce seeds. To do this, one can utilize the Colloidal Silver. Considering the parents are all female, the result of the offspring seed would then be also female cannabis. This is how cannabis seeds are being feminized.

Additional Tips

The female plant needs lots of sunlight when it is growing. Separating them from males will allow that, but in the event that you have uprooted them and separated them meters away, they might encounter stress and pressure. This is the stage where your weeds might produce hermaphrodite tendency. When growing, it can produce two kinds of flowers to help pollinate it. For auto-flowering and feminized marijuana, it is easier, but certain variety reacts to stress differently. To avoid it, just make sure that you expose them to a lot of sunlight and let them get used to the environment, as they will just revert back to the propagation stage.