how to get rid of red eyes weed

Why Weed Gives you Red Eyes and How to Get Rid of It

Most often, consuming weed and red eyes go together. Some myths have surfaced among weed lovers. Some say that the scenario is caused by something in the weed smoke that lingers in the air, thus irritating your eyes. It may make sense, but there are also other valid reasons as well. In fact, there are several reasons why this happens, and there are also ways on how to avoid, or possibly reduce the effects.

Why the Red Eyes?

Here are some explanations why it happens:

The most common, and is often considered as the most common reason why you experience those red eyes is because of the THC content in cannabis, whether vaporized, smoked or digested. THC is a psychoactive cannabinoid that works in decreasing blood pressure that dilates blood vessels, and at the same time increasing the flow of blood within the body. In this case, the arteries found in the eye balls expand. When this happens, bloodshot red eye effect occurs. This is the very kind of effect that makes weed effective for glaucoma.

There are just some people whose eyes are irritated easily by smoke, any smoke. Thus, if you are one of those, you only have little control of the possible red eye effect. If you smoke weed for an extended period of time, most especially when you are inside a space that is poorly ventilated, and your eyes get contact with the smoke, you may have to expect red eyes.

A small percent of the overall population suffers from cannabis allergies. Marijuana produces pollen which may result to an allergic reaction among some people. If you are allergic to marijuana, you may have to expect other effects aside from red eyes as it may include swelling, hives, as well as itchy skin.

Other Probability Factors

While the reasons given above are those that have been proven and experienced by some fanatics, the following reasons are ‘probable’, often contributed by nature itself.

Type of Strain

Marijuana comes with a wide array of compounds, from terpenoids to cannabinoids, and they interact with one another in many different ways. There are certain strans that results to more red eyes compared to others.


This factor depends on the type of smoker that you are. There are certain users that end up developing resistance as compared to infrequent and new users.


There are just some individuals that are more prone to experiencing red eye by smoking weed. For instance, there are people whose eyes are easily irritated even by just swimming in chlorinated pool water. The same thing happens when they smoke weed.


It has also been believed that by staying hydrated, the duration and frequency of weed induced effects, red eyes included, is reduced.

What You Can Do

There are certain things that you can do. For one, there are certain products, such as chemical eye drops that can provide relief to irritation. Of course, this is just temporary. Alternative options include artificial tear drops, as they are made out of weaker substances.

Since you really cannot stop the natural effects caused by smoking weed, you may well just cover it. Grab your shades and hide your eyes away from the sun. You may even decide to take a nap for a couple of hours and it will go afterwards. Bottom line is that, if you enjoy it, you will not really think of it as a problem.

Bottom line is that, there is no sure way in which you can possibly prevent the effects of using marijuana, including red eyes. The causes can be varied and many. What you can do, therefore, is to use the measure that is currently accessible to you, hoping for the best. Thus, you can make sure to stay hydrated, and have with you a bottle of eye drops for emergency needs.

Hiding Your Red Eyes

What we can learn here is that having red eyes caused by smoking marijuana is not really a bad sign. As a matter of fact, it is actually a sign that the marijuana you are using is doing well, especially when it comes to serving its purpose in the field of medicine. However, unfortunately, there is a stigma that is often linked to having those red eyes, simply because most of the time, it is associated always with cannabis use.

The best thing that you can do is actually wait while you have those blood-red eyes. Anyway, you may not really feel going out. Those red eyes will usually last only for a couple of hours. However, as previously mentioned, you can always bring some eye drops as an alternative. You may also decide to choose foods that can work in constricting the blood vessels. Among these foods are chocolate and caffeine.