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Why Use Vaporizer in Using Marijuana?

There are different ways for you to enjoy marijuana aside from smoking it. You can make use of pipes, hot knives, one hitter, bong, hookah or vaporizer. Each method offers a whole new different experience. However, since these methods have a different approach to burning or heating up cannabis, they have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. The most common difference among these methods is the amount of heat applied to marijuana which in turn results to different effects.

What is a vaporizer?

You may notice that the market offers many kinds of vaporizer but do not fret. No matter how many kinds of vaporizer are there, they all have the same principle. It is to heat the chemicals found in cannabis to the point that they evaporate. This way, the chemicals won’t be “burned” thus lessening the harmful toxins that you take in. Overall, vaporizers can give you a good deal of marijuana experience with lesser smoke involve.

Advantages and disadvantages of using a vaporizer

Aside from the fact that vaporizing weeds will result in lesser smoke, using it when smoking marijuana is also healthier than most. In addition to that, if you are using marijuana for its medicinal properties, then you would be glad to know that by vaporizing weeds, you will be able to feel its effects a tad faster.

Since most of the harmful substances found in marijuana are released when smoked, vaporizing marijuana is healthier because it doesn’t heat the marijuana past its boiling point which avoids burning it. However, vaporizers aren’t that perfect. Consuming marijuana this way also presents a disadvantage.

The only downside to this method is that marijuana has a chance of uneven vaporization. That is because there is only a side of marijuana that would be more exposed to the heat coming from the vaporizer. This disadvantage is often overlooked by smokers because normally, the difference is only a fraction of heat. The reason for this is, instead of smoke, vaporizers releases hot air that heats up the other side of the cannabis, reducing the heat difference.

Should you use a vaporizer?

If you are a health conscious, then yes. Using vaporizers are said to be healthier than other methods since it eliminates the harmful toxins that are released by marijuana when smoked. Consuming marijuana this way is also said to be almost odorless since there’s no smoke being produced making it a perfect method if you are hiding your hobby.

Overall, using vaporizers in smoking marijuana is a good experience. It’s healthier, more concentrated and cheaper than most method.

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