Why Use Marijuana Grinders

Marijuana grinders are a great tool that anyone who is into pot growing and smoking should have. People who are into weed growing put their effort, time and money to make the project a successful one. To maximize the use and benefits of the plants, consume not only the buds but use the stems and leaves as well. You can do this by using marijuana grinders. With the use of this tool, some parts of the marijuana plant like the leaves and stems are not wasted but instead, they are grinded and used as an ingredients for making bubble hash and other recipes in which cannabis is the main ingredient.

Whether you are smoking pot using pipes, hookahs, bongs, blunts or in a rolling joint, a marijuana grinder is a must have to make the job easy for you. The THC crystals will no longer stick to your fingers and some parts of the plant can be used instead of throwing them away. There are different types of marijuana grinders you can choose from. Select one that will suit your needs.New types of grinders are now available in the market including the electrical types and the ones with four compartments made of aluminum which are used for making THC-rich buds.

Clear acrylic grinders will let you see the whole process of grinding while the grater type is very handy and just like a cheese grater that crush pot buds instead of cheese. One of the mostly favored types of grinder is the crystal collector type that is used to collect the THC crystals that fall while the buds are being grinded. This type will produce very potent buds to smoke. There are also hash marijuana grinders for cutting and grinding buds, stems and leaves to make into hashish or hash oil.

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