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Why Not Grow Weed from Clones and Cuttings?

Growing marijuana plants has a lot of benefits. First off, growing plants is a therapeutic activity.  You can read about that in NY Times.

Nurturing your own marijuana plants can also make you ditch the dealer which means more savings to your part. It takes your care and patients and casual interest in your grow which will become a real passion. If you are considering growing for the first time then this is a start for a better life for you both medical and financial. Yes, financial because you can become a good marijuana grower and you can sell your own weed (legally).

As a new weed grower, your first grow might not be that good. Do not be discouraged.

Clones, Cuttings or Seeds? Which one to go?

This is the main question that you would want to ask yourself prior to growing your own marijuana plants. Whichever you choose has its own pros and cons and choosing the right option would matter a lot when it comes to your success and failure.

Let me tell you direct that growing from seeds is the best method that you can do except if you have already a lot of plants and you have been growing for quite some time now – there are times when you really need to grow from cuttings or clones because you want to keep the traits of your newfound lovely weed.

Why growing from marijuana seeds is better than starting from clones and cuttings?

A clone is a cutting from a mature marijuana plant. You do this when you want to keep the traits of the mother plant. If you like a certain plant or strain then you would want to do this. However, growing weed from cuttings or clones won’t give you a good plant which is healthier and can provide bigger yields compared to the ones which are started from seeds.

Newly cut clones need so much care so if you are just starting up with growing marijuana then you don’t want to risk your time and resources. They can be hard to find as well. You would need to have a mature marijuana plant to get some cuttings from. Of course, cutting something from it would hurt the mother plant and if not done well can put your mother plant’s life into risk. If you don’t have a mother plant, then you would need to ask your friend’s or the owner’s permission to cut from his plant. It’s really a hassle for new growers.

The only benefit that I know of when growing from clones and cuttings method is that the plant is already farther ahead in its growth compared to those which are grown from seeds. You can get a harvest ahead for lesser or more than a month. If time is not an issue, then growing from seeds would be the best way for you.


Well, starting new and fresh from marijuana seeds would give you a healthier plant that can produce higher yields. If you think that growing from seeds is hard then don’t worry because there are a lot of guides out there like the Growing Elite Marijuana eBook which can guide you from start to finish.

Starting from seeds is the optimal method because that is natural to your cannabis plant. If you think that you can get a quick harvest with clones then you are wrong because there are autoflowering marijuana seeds that you can buy from a marijuana seedbank.

A marijuana plant grown from seeds will have hardier roots than the clones. Most growers have problems with clones which are not growing any roots at all.

While cloning is very popular nowadays, a lot of people still prefer growing from seeds because of the benefits that they are getting.