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Why Grow Cannabis in a Hydroponic System

One of the most common methods of growing pot is through the soil medium but several growers have stated based on their experiences that cultivating marijuana in hydroponics can do a lot better in terms of plants’ growth, amount of harvest and potency of the buds. Although a hydro set-up is not recommended for beginners and some bit of expertise is required to succeed in this kind of growing system, getting tips and following the techniques and guidelines provided in a growing marijuana eBook will help in giving growers more technical knowledge.

Hydroponics will allow weed plants to grow faster, resulting in earlier maturity and shorter growing time. Several pot growers find this as one of the greatest advantages of cultivating cannabis in a soil-less medium. Step by step guide on setting up a hydroponic pot grow room can be sourced from a growing marijuana eBook, so experts, experienced and beginners in pot cultivation can easily carry out this system since information is more detailed and properly elaborated.

Top reasons why you should choose to grow marijuana in a hydroponics system:

  • Weed plants have a lesser chance of being stricken with pests, molds and other diseases which are common to occur when using the soil medium.
  • Bigger and fast-growing plants are produced because the roots can directly receive the nutrients and use them for energy to fully thrive. In this type of system, plants have more access to oxygen and more control of the nutrients received.
  • There is less time of waiting to harvest the buds because plants mature faster.
  • Feeding of nutrients, watering schedule and number of lighting hours can all be set on timers so there is no need of worrying about overfertilization and drowning the roots of the plants. A watering schedule can also be automated with just an inexpensive and simple drip system apparatus.
  • There is an advantage of growing several marijuana crops all at the same time because no large pots will be used in the growing area. This kind of set-up is also good for cannabis horticulturists with small space garden area.

When growing marijuana hydroponically, it is important that you keep an eye on the plants to ensure they are never allowed to go dry. Regularly check the pH of the medium to prevent it from becoming acidic.

For more comprehensive details and information about how to set up hydroponics and what are the reasons why this system is preferred by many pot growers, I highly recommend Growing Elite Marijuana eBook by Ryan Riley.

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