Why Grow Autoflowering Marijuana Plants

Marijuana is one of the plants which are delicately grown. This has a number of species which growers can select from. Experienced weed farmers and novice growers who are just beginning to know the important details on how to grow weed are generally choose from traditional and autoflowering marijuana plants as these are the most common classification of the breed of the weed.

Growing Marijuana: Autoflowering Types

Cannabis growers generally prefer autoflowering marijuana because they have more advantages than the traditional ganja species. The following points are the most common of these benefits:

• Life Cycle

Autoflowering marijuana plants take fewer days to grow and have flower buds. With this, weed growers can grow marijuana plants many times in a single year compared to traditional weeds which cultivation is based from the seasons and only if the sunlight is continuously favorable.

• Easier Cultivation

Compared to the standard marijuana, autoflowering types can be grown easier and are less sensitive.

• Quality of Buds

Autoflowering weeds produce buds which are the types which entice users and the like. These buds are the kinds which are best for throat hits and satisfying puffs.

• Medicinal Purposes

Many types of autoflowering marijuana plants are grown for medicinal purposes as sedatives and the like.

Indoor and Outdoor Growing

Growing marijuana of autoflowering species also needs the same kind of care. The following are the standard steps in how to grow weed in order for the autoflowering cannabis grow healthily and manufacture desirable buds:

• For indoor weed growing of these types, farmers need the following:
• 16 to 18 hours of lighting
• Soil needs to be composed of compost, peat moss, pre-wet perlite, and pre-wet vermiculite. This can be prepared but can also be found and bought from growshops.
• Proper nutrients through mineral concentrate as well as fertilizers are necessary.
• For growing marijuana outdoors, planting autoflowering marijuana is basically banked on the type of season. Seasons which have a vast amount of sunlight are usually the times where the weeds are grown and buds are greatest.


Autoflowering marijuana plants need to consider the following points to have the best results in how to grow weed:

• Standard plant soil is not fitted to autoflowering (and other) marijuana plants but can be mixed with the available nutrients found in grow shop to be rich enough.
• Use smaller amount than what is prescribed in the artificial mineral solutions.
• Stop putting mineral solutions or fertilizers 1 to 2 weeks before the weeds’ buds are harvested.

If you want to grow autoflowering marijuana plants, then you should buy some autoflowering marijuana seeds from a reputable marijuana seed bank.