Which Fertilizer Nutrients are Best For Indoor Marijuana

Feed your marijuana plants with nutrients if you want them to grow healthy with a stronger root system. For a successful indoor weed growing, starting with pot seeds having good quality genetics is very important and so with making the right choice of fertilizers to use and feeding your marijuana plants with the right amount of nutrients. The type of nutrient given and how much you should feed your plants will depend on the growth phase of the cannabis.

Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are the three basic nutrients necessary for growing weed plants indoors. These elements are very essential for marijuana’s strong growth. Feeding the plants with the right amount of these nutrients will promote proper growth, cannabis that is away from common plant diseases and bountiful yield.

During the vegetative period of marijuana growing, plants need a lot of nitrogen and a good amount of potassium and phosphorus. These nutrients are given gradually and in the right proportion. Feeding cannabis plants with too much fertilizer nutrients may cause harm, change the pH of the soil and may eventually turn the soil medium acidic.

During the flowering phase of pot growing, plants need more phosphorus. This is to give support to budding time and help induce flowering. Supply the plants with enough amounts of nutrients during this time to ensure excellent budding process.

Helpful Tips When Using Fertilizers For Cannabis Growing

  • Fertilize the weed plants every few days during the vegetative period. When you give fertilizers or nutrients to the plants, always mix it with water.
  • The number of nutrients that you should feed your weed plants will depend on the condition of the medium used, the size of the plant and the dimension of the container where the indoor plants are grown. If marijuana plants have grown bigger, you may feed them with nutrients by spraying its leaves.
  • Fertilizers accumulated in the soil may turn the medium acidic. Always check the pH of the soil or any medium you are using. Make sure that the medium used is always neutral. For controlling the pH, you may add calcium.

The Importance of Using Fertilizer Nutrients for Growing Marijuana

There are numerous reasons why the use of fertilizers for growing weed becomes an advantage. Giving fertilizers to the pot plants and with the use of primary and secondary nutrients, marijuana can grow healthy with stronger roots and high resistance to plant’s diseases and common pests. Fertilizers can help promote excellent yield too.

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