Best Seed Banks that Ship to USA

Seed Banks That Ship to USA: Where to Buy Marijuana Seeds in 2021

It is very difficult to find a decent place to buy weed seeds in the United States because of the legal status of marijuana at the federal level. We get many emails from our USA readers asking where they can buy marijuana seeds and they also want information about the best seed banks that ship to USA.

If you also want the same information, then read on as this article should help you. We did the hard part is finding the best seed banks that ship to USA discreetly. Not just that, we tested multiple cannabis seed banks by ordering cannabis strains like White Widow, Northern Lights, and other high quality regular seeds, as well as feminized cannabis seeds.

Here’s how you can get high-quality marijuana seeds in the USA:

Buy them from the best online seed bank and ship them right to your address in the USA inside the discreet packaging. Yes, it is risky but it’s worth it.

It is risky in the sense that there is a chance that your cannabis seeds will be seized at the border that’s why you need to find a good online cannabis seed bank that knows the ins and outs of stealth shipping marijuana seeds to the USA. 

Top 3 Seed Banks that Ship to USA (Recommended)

Here are the top 3 marijuana seed banks where to buy marijuana seeds if you are in the USA:

1. Crop King Seeds – Most Recommended Cannabis Seed Company

Our Overall Rating for this cannabis seed bank: 9/10

Crop King Seeds is a Canadian seed bank based in Vancouver, British Columbia that has been in the marijuana seed industry for quite some time now. They are huge in Canada as they ship high-quality cannabis seeds in over 300 stores across the country. They are our favorite when it comes to guaranteed delivery as we have ordered from them several times and 90% of what they ship or 9 out of 10 went through without issues.

The 1 went missing. Good thing we paid for express stealth shipping with tracking and insurance for $30 and they re-shipped quality marijuana seeds without additional costs.

Crop King Seeds is one of the best seed banks when it comes to their customer service. They have 24/7 phone, chat, and email. They work around the clock to make sure their customers are happy. Although, their prices are higher than their Amsterdam and UK-based competitors they have guaranteed delivery due to the fact that they are based in Canada. Any country trusts Canada’s mail. Aside from that, you can always contact their customer service representatives at any time.

They offer multiple payment options including credit cards and even bank transfer mode. Most cannabis seed banks don’t have the ability to process debit card and credit card payments because of restrictions. They have partnered with credit card processing companies that give them the ability to process credit cards for a good amount of fee at 10% which they also charge their customers. Well, it’s still worth it because other online cannabis seed banks don’t even have a secure credit card processing ability.

They also accept Bitcoin, Paypal, Money Order, debit card, and Cash in the mail. Paypal is not included in their payment options so here’s what you need to do. Place an order and choose cash as the payment method then contact them either by phone or live chat with their customer service (they are 24/7) then tell them you want to pay with Paypal.

2. Sun West Genetics

Our Overall Rating for this marijuana seed bank: 8/10

Sunwest Genetics is another Canadian company that offers high-quality seeds. We love buying from Canadians because the USA trust their mail system. Mails coming from Canada aren’t opened that much during random checks unlike the emails from the UK and the Netherlands. They have great customer service just like Crop King and you can buy 3 cannabis seeds minimum per order. 

We believe that they are managed by the same people that manage Crop King Seeds as they have the same style of customer service, payment options like accepting credit cards or allowing a bank transfer mode, and even the guaranteed delivery of their cannabis seeds. Or maybe, this is just how Canadians do it.

3. Seedsman

Our Overall Rating for this marijuana seed bank: 8/10

A company based in the United Kingdom. They’ve been in the online seed bank business for quite some time now and have a huge pool of happy customers. We like them because they carry a lot of cannabis seeds, strains, and brands. They also offer various payment options such as debit cards, bank transfer, and even credit card payments. They are renowned for their stealth shipping style. They are apparently one of the best online seed bank that ships to the USA.

The sad truth about buying Marijuana Seeds in the USA

There are no reliable sources and suppliers of marijuana seeds in the USA. You cannot even find some high-quality cannabis seeds in dispensaries in states where medical marijuana is legal. Or, if you find one, they are for sure have limited marijuana strains to choose from.

Another thing- Most marijuana seed banks don’t like to ship to USA because it is a very difficult country to ship to. There are reputable seed banks that have a high seizure rate of their packages to the USA.

We did the hard part for you. We did our research to find the top 3 best marijuana seed banks that discreetly ship to the USA.

Disclaimer: Just because they are good, it doesn’t mean that there is no chance that the seeds won’t get seized. It is always risky but a lot of people in the United States of America have reported that they got the cannabis seeds that they ordered from these seed banks that ship to the USA.


For sure, you have a lot of questions to ask but we have answered the most frequently asked questions about buying cannabis seeds online that ship to the USA.

Will I get in trouble if my marijuana seeds get seized at the border?

Nobody went to jail because of a few seeds in the mail. They are seeds not weed. Any agricultural products, whether seed or a growing plant aren’t allowed to enter any border. In rare cases, seeds are confiscated and destroyed at the border. They only happen during random checks. You don’t have to worry much about this if you buy quality seeds from a company that will ship marijuana seeds inside random stuff like a wallet, cell phone case, etc as they will be hidden.

Will I get a knock on the door if my order gets seized?

No. They don’t care if you have seeds inside the mail. They will just send you a letter of confiscation saying “prohibited agricultural product”.

Can K9 dogs detect marijuana seeds in the mail?

No, they won’t if the seed bank was careful. Weed seeds that were mixed with buds will smell weed thus it is very important that you buy from a marijuana seed bank that knows the drill. Only random checks which are rare can seize cannabis seeds from reputable seed banks.

Is buying marijuana seeds online safe?

Yes, it is. Read our post on how to buy marijuana seeds online safely here.

We tested reputable seed banks where we got mixed results. Some were disappointing while others are impressive. Some companies even ship us free seeds as extras for what we ordered and they were not disappointing. The free seeds we received are high-quality seeds.

We even got unknown cannabis strains that have grown into huge marijuana plants with a very high THC content from a Canadian company, Crop King Seeds. We were sent random free seeds (some were regular seeds while others are autoflowering seeds) so it was kind of disappointing as we couldn’t tell the name of such marijuana strains. We contacted Crop King and they said they were 80% sure that one of those free seeds was Zeus (a discontinued strain). The sad thing is that you cannot find Zeus anywhere else. Hopefully, they’ll put it back on the market as we love growing marijuana that is as good as that strain a lot.

Things that you Need to Keep in Mind When Buying Marijuana Seeds in the USA

States and Medical/Recreational Marijuana

The USA comprises 50 states, each of which has different marijuana laws. So far, five states have legalized the consumption of both recreational and medical marijuana. These are Colorado, Washington, DC, Oregon, and Alaska, and more parts of the United States will be added soon for sure.

What makes it tricky, though, is that some states prohibit selling and buying while allowing consumption at the same time. For example, although you can use high CBD weed for medical and recreational purposes in DC, you can’t buy it there because selling is prohibited.

The legal recreational use of marijuana differs across states in terms of permissible quantities. Oregon allows possession of up to 8 oz of the pot, whereas Alaska places the bar at a much lower 1 oz.

Some states allow medical marijuana only and not recreational. These states are California, New Hampshire, Vermont, Delaware, Nevada, Rhode Island, Michigan, Hawaii, New Jersey, Connecticut, Montana, New York, Arizona, Maryland, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Minnesota, and Maine.

The legal medical use of cannabis varies across states in terms of qualifying conditions and form, among others. Certain disorders that warrant medical marijuana in one state may not be eligible for the herb in another state. Likewise, certain derivatives (e.g., oil) allowed in one state may be prohibited in another.

Despite these favorable developments, the use of marijuana, regardless of purpose, remains a federal offense to several parts of the United States.

Growing Recreational Marijuana in the USA

Laws regarding cannabis cultivation also vary across states. For example, in DC, you may grow only up to six cannabis plants (if recreational) in one location, and only if you are at least 21 years old.

However, as mentioned, selling weed is illegal in DC. That means the harvest from all six plants should be for your personal use. You can give some to someone else as a gift, for example, but make sure it’s only up to 1 oz and only to a fellow adult aged 21 and above.

In Oregon, the limit for cultivating various types of marijuana for recreational purposes is four plants. If you love growing marijuana, you must take note that state laws require that you pay certain fees before being allowed to grow, and you can only cultivate at home with the odor effectively controlled and suppressed. Oregon also allows selling cannabis, provided that you have a license.

Alaska is a little more strict and tricky when it comes to growing cannabis. You can grow up to six plants, but they can’t be flowering at the same time; only three plants are allowed in one flowering period. Giving and receiving are also permitted up to 1 oz.

Possession of Medical Cannabis in the USA

Various USA states can restrict the quantity of medical marijuana you may possess at any given time. For example, New Hampshire allows you to have 2 oz of usable medical weed within any 10-day period. In Illinois, you may have 2.5 oz of usable medical marijuana over any 14-day timeframe.

Meanwhile, Montana permits possession of up to only 1 oz of usable medical weed at any given time, whereas New Jersey allows up to 2 oz. In Delaware, though, you can have up to 6 oz of usable medical pot on you at any time.

Cultivating Medical Marijuana in the USA

Not all states that allow the use of medical weed permits its cultivation. Those that do allow it has restrictions on the number of plants and even their flowering times.

In Vermont, you can grow up to nine plants at the same time, but only two of them are allowed to flower simultaneously. In New Mexico, you can grow up to 16 plants and have up to four of them flowering at the same time.

What’s in Store?

So far, the USA has shown great progress in embracing marijuana. There are still plenty of states where both recreational and medical cannabis is illegal, and, as mentioned, marijuana use remains a federal crime.

Supporters and lobbyists predict that California and Maine may be the next states to allow recreational marijuana due to their pioneering move of legalizing medical weed and the robust systems they have in place for their newly established marijuana laws.

Unfortunately, there are several states that remain conservative despite having legalized medical marijuana, such as Massachusetts, where the medical cannabis system remains in need of some fixing up. Obviously, the country still has a long way to go toward full legalization and acceptance.

However, the changes that the USA has implemented are still a lot bigger than those applied in most other countries where all types of marijuana are legal. By continuing to work toward incorporating the use of this wonderful herb into American society, the USA is setting an excellent example for its international peers.


The modern USA was never a highly conservative country, but it still took a lot for its states to legalize marijuana, regardless of purpose. Now, it is only a matter of knowing what and how much is legal in which state.

Make sure to read up on state laws before engaging in any activity related to cannabis. USA authorities are highly efficient, impossible to bribe, and can be harsh when it comes to penalties. However, if you are a risk-taker then you better play safe and make sure to only buy from reputable seed banks that ship to USA that knows the drill.