When is The Best Time to Clone Marijuana Plants?

Cloning marijuana offers several advantages to growers because the process of germinating the seeds is skipped and the cannabis genetics you favored the most can be preserved. Starting from clones is mostly preferred especially by those who are cultivating weed in a sea of green set up since cloning will ensure the growth of all female plants. A single plant can be cloned several times but keep in mind that after the same cannabis plant is cloned repeatedly, it may become less potent or you might just stress them to turn into hermaphrodites.

Cloning Weed During The Vegetative Phase

The best time to clone cannabis plants is during the vegetative time in which the plants are ready to start flowering. Obtaining cuttings from a plant that is vegging will ensure a successful and fast rooting. It is best to take the cuttings approximately 6 to 8 inches tall near the bottom or the bottom middle from plants on their vegetative period. For fast and stronger clones, bring the cuttings in a rooting tray. Rooting them in water alone will do but the use of a rooting gel or powder will help make sure of clones that are well rooted. Once clones are well rooted, place them under 12/12 or 18/6 light and dark cycle to induce them for flowering.

Cloning Cannabis During Flowering Time

Cloning marijuana plants during the early stage of flowering is possible but in doing so, expect that it will take a number of weeks to revert them back into the vegetative phase. Going back to 24/0 or 16/8 light and dark cycles will take longer for the grower to use the clones because the weed cuttings will not only need to root but they also have to re-vegetate. Cloning while the weed plants are flowering is not the best thing to do but if you really want to obtain cuttings from a flowering female mother plant, do it during the first or second week of flowering and not on the 3rd or 4th week because it will be very difficult to return them into the vegetative state even under 24 hours light.

Taking clones from flowering marijuana will cause stress that may result in stunted growth of the plants. Weed clones obtained during flowering will take longer to root, about twice or three times longer compared to clones from a mother plant that is vegging.

Growing marijuana from clones or cuttings means the grower does not need to go through the germination process of seeds and the plants’ cycle is shortened so buds can be harvested at an earlier time. To reduce the time, money and effort spent in growing male marijuana plants, consider cloning a female plant. A single female cannabis plant can be cloned many times without losing potency and while retaining all the characteristics of its mother. First, choose the best pot seeds to grow and from there, you can grow plants with high-quality genetics. To save money and time, save cuttings from these plants to be used for your next growing project.

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