What To Consider In Growing Cannabis Indoors

Growing cannabis plants outdoors is simpler than cultivating them inside. Marijuana seedlings can be planted directly on the soil ground unlike growing marijuana indoors wherein setting up of additional equipment is required for the weed plants to grow as healthy as those planted outside. Despite the hassle of installing grow equipment; still, several pot gardeners have a preference of growing weed indoors over outdoor pot cultivation. Growing marijuana inside will give you the full control of the entire environment. Flowering time of marijuana can also be induced through switching of light and dark periods.

With indoor growing, weed plants are kept safe from harsh environmental factors such as heavy rains, frost, strong wind and extreme temperature of the outside environment. In growing cannabis indoors, there are several factors that need to be considered if you want to succeed in your growing project.

Size of the room or growing area

Before you start growing weed indoors, consider the size of the growing area. Grow only the number of marijuana plants that your indoor garden can accommodate. Make sure that weed plants are grown in a stress-free environment. Growing cannabis in an indoor garden with enough space will provide the weed plants with the right level of temperature and good ventilation.

Number of marijuana plants grown

Cultivate the number of weed plants that your growing space can accommodate. For personal use, you can start growing a few marijuana seedlings. If you are just new to pot growing, then you may begin cultivating a few seedlings of an easy to grow marijuana strain.

Artificial light source

Since sunlight is lacking in an indoor pot garden, an artificial light source is needed. Light options for indoor weed growing include incandescent bulbs, fluorescent, LED lamps and HID lights (MH and HPS).

Marijuana Odor

To maintain privacy and security, mask the smell of marijuana to avoid getting the attention of nosy neighbors. Considering the type of marijuana you are growing, the odor that buds produce can vary from mild to pungent smell. Various odor-masking products are available at your local and online stores. For 99% odor elimination, you may install active carbon filters.

Growing marijuana indoors gives several benefits and advantages but more effort, time and money are required to make it successful. There are a lot of things to consider before you start your indoor weed project. Set up all the necessary grow equipment, get a good medium and cultivate your cannabis plants in a superior growing environment and you will reap an abundant harvest.

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