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What Science Says About Marijuana

Marijuana has been a very popular term in many cities and countries. The irony of it is that many governments have imposed laws against its cultivation, possession or transfer to another person. What makes it popular for many people then? What are the good things that it does to attract many users of different ages?

Marijuana: Its Main Uses

Cannabis is the other famous term for marijuana. It is mostly used for psychoactive and physiological effects. Many people experience an increase in appetite, euphoria, and relaxation when consuming this product.

People use marijuana in different ways. One of these ways is through smoking. Small pipes, tobacco leaf wraps, and paper-wrapped joints are utilized to smoke it. Another way people consume marijuana is by using a vaporizer. It can also be created as tea, or it can be added as an ingredient in different types of food.

Medical Benefits of Marijuana

In these recent times, there have been some countries that have been opened to utilizing marijuana for several reasons. Uruguay has legalized its use and sale in the country. Some states in the US, such as Washington and Colorado, have also allowed the product to be used in their area responsibly.

As a medication, countries such as Australia, Canada, Belgium, Spain, and the Netherlands, have succumbed to its significance to patients suffering from different types of illnesses. Here are just some of the illnesses that can be treated by marijuana. The prescription has to be provided by licensed physicians though to make it possible for individuals to use it for medication.

A migraine. Some doctors in California were able to treat hundreds and thousands of patients suffering from a migraine through marijuana. They have proven this herbal product as more effective compared to other prescription drugs.

Cancer. The American Association for Cancer Research has seen its effectiveness in slowing down tumor cell growth.

Seizures. One of the main reasons why a lot of people choose to smoke or consume marijuana is to feel relaxed. For people suffering from seizures, this is one of the main medical answers to their conditions.

Alzheimer’s Disease. An element found in marijuana, which is THC, has been discovered by the Scripps Institute as a necessary tool to stop Alzheimer’s from attacking.

Multiple Sclerosis. A famous talk show host was able to combat multiple sclerosis and its damaging impact when he used this marijuana pot for treatment.

Continuous Clinical Studies and Research on Marijuana

A lot of health organizations continue to research the potential benefits of marijuana to humans. With so many unknown treatments that science still has to unravel to combat illnesses such as HIV, cancer, diabetes, spinal cord injury, and many others, people are trying to be more open on how marijuana can be beneficial in the society.

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