What Happens When You Vape Menthol?

Vaping menthol is a unique concept even to those in the vaping scene for the longest time. Menthol may not have the same effects on anyone that dares try it. The effects vary depending on factors such as the brand of menthol or even how much of it one may have consumed. Therefore, in-depth research on menthol is imperative to avoid unforeseen reactions.

For most of us, what comes to mind when we hear the term ‘menthol’ is peppermint. However, it also comes from other members of the mint family, and its flavor enables it to stand out. Here’s what happens when you vape menthol.

1. Clears Your Airway

When vaping a mint-flavored product for the first time, it’s normal to feel a cool and tingly sensation down your air passage. Menthol has a powerful flavor that naturally dominates your senses even when in other flavors. However, the effect of vaping menthol varies depending on factors such as the level of menthol flavor in the vape product. For example, some products tend to have an exaggerated addition of menthol while others are just as mild.

The mild ones are intended for vapers that are new to the whole experience, while the exaggerated ones are meant for long-time vape legends. Their senses are fully trained on how to handle the flavoring variations that come with different menthol products. Aside from clearing your airway and easing supposed congestion, vaping menthol reduces the feeling of irritation that comes along with vaping. In addition, as stated earlier, menthol possesses natural analgesic properties.

This means the cool taste of menthol will enter your respiratory system during your vaping experience. Inhaling vape products for the first time comes along with some side effects that vapers respond to differently. Vapers also prefer the balance of a mildly unfamiliar flavor versus their preferred vape form, including menthol vape juice. It welcomes an unwavering sensation of coolness and calmness that they want to try out from time to time.

2. It’s a Natural Coolant

Vaping menthol is only as beneficial as it can get since vaping can cause quite an irritation on your airway. However, menthol possesses natural cooling properties that go a long way in regulating the vast effects of vaping. What’s more, it contains anesthetic properties that come in handy in case of a rough vaping session. Menthol is a flavor on its own that has captured and repelled the attention of all kinds of vapers.

Menthol’s natural cooling abilities have also seen it take over various industries. These properties have catapulted menthol to greater heights, and manufacturers are coming up with their best productions yet. With vaping, menthol has made significant adjustments and improvements. For instance, vapers have come to embrace its distinctive qualities, as some of them have even come up with custom vaping ideas.

Menthol’s natural cooling properties have been widely acclaimed for close to a century now. Studies are still ongoing on its application in the vaping industry and its effect on users so far. Long-time vapers can attest to their thoroughness in delivering freshness during and after a vaping session. Its inclusion in the vape industry has sparked mixed reactions that are yet to be established.

3. Balances The Harshness of a Vape Product

Some vape manufacturers include menthol vape in their products to strike a perfect balance between the harsh tone and mildness of the product. Vaping menthol ensures that your respiratory system is safe from a concentrated formula.

Receptors in the human respiratory system spring to action when they sense certain flavors into the system. They play the role of sensing the irritation that comes along in the absence of menthol.

In case of severe irritation, vaping menthol may restore the clarity and mildness of the breathing system as a whole. In addition, menthol is also known to reduce the irritation of the sensory organs when they seem to have gone a notch higher than usual. This regulates vape reactions such as coughing, clearing the throat often, and sometimes a sore throat. At the same time, menthol can cause effects such as stinging and burning when taken in excess.

Different types of menthol contribute to the varying sensations that the user experiences. Using menthol often creates familiarity, which lessens the overall effect on the senses.

4. Awakens Various Sensations

Aside from the usual sensation of coolness and freshness, keen vapers will notice other underlying sensations. For instance, vaping menthol may bring about irritation depending on how much it is present in the vape juice.

Menthol awakens your senses such that you begin to notice other notes of its primary flavor. Various institutions have been on the prowl for properly founded answers to this phenomenon.

5. Irritation Depends On Type Of Menthol

When vaping menthol, there’ll be varying sensations of harshness and irritation on your respiratory system. It all comes about due to the amount of menthol included by manufacturers in the vape product. Menthol at its lowest concentration may affect the irritation factor by an almost unnoticeable margin. The concentration of the vape product in question may lead to an increased sensation of the cooling properties of menthol.


Vaping menthol is an experience that’s unique to every vape enthusiast. Each menthol product comes with specifications known to the manufacturer but is quite a mystery to the consumer.

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