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What are Fluorescents and How These Lights are Useful for Indoor Weed Growing

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There are different types of lights for growing marijuana and using the right type of light and supplying your cannabis plants with an adequate amount and right spectrum can produce an excellent yield of quality buds. Among the commonly used artificial light sources for indoor growing and greenhouse set up are LED lamps, fluorescents, metal halides, and high-pressure sodium lights.

The different stages of marijuana’s growth will require for different light spectrum. For the vegetative period, the metal halides are used because they emit a blue spectrum that will help promote fast and more compact growth.  For the flowering cycle, it is recommended to use high-pressure sodium lamps and fluorescents for marijuana seedlings and clones.

Fluorescent lights are made up of a glass tube that is filled with a mixture of gases and is coated with phosphor. They emit a different spectrum of lights because of the tubing that is coated with phosphor.

Fluorescent bulbs are of different types and available in various spectrums.

Below is the list of different fluorescent types and their function in marijuana growing:

Wide spectrumthis type of fluorescent bulb is best for the entire flowering stage and will help in preventing the development of side branching. It emits a yellow, orange and red spectrum of light and can help in promoting fast growth.

Cool spectrumthis type of fluorescent light is high in blue spectrum which is good for the vegetative phase of the cannabis plants and helps in promoting multiple side growth.

Daylight spectrumthis type of bulb is good for the vegetative period because it is high in the blue spectrum.

Full spectrumthis fluorescent bulb is excellent to use during the vegetative phase of marijuana plants because it has all the colors of the Kelvin scale.

Warm spectrumthis fluorescent type is high in red-orange color based on the Kelvin scale and it helps in the production of heavier buds and promotes extra branches and thicker stems.

Although the result is not as excellent as what high-intensity discharge lamps can give, the use of fluorescent bulbs provides a cheaper option for those who are just new to pot growing. Fluorescents can be used as an alternative to the costly HID lamps. Since this type of light has a low intensity, it is perfect for marijuana stealth grows. You can just install and position the fluorescent bulb about one inch above the weed plants. It is also best to use for marijuana clones and young cannabis plants because they do not make the soil medium very dry.

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