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Top 10 Best Weed Growing App

With some legality concerns, you must have thought that cannabis won’t infiltrate technology. Yet, gone are the days when information about growing weed is scarce. Today, growers find convenience using technology. There are helpful mobile apps growers can use to help them understand a strain and get a better growing experience.

Currently, there’s a trend of weed growing app dominating the marijuana cyber world. These apps provide many services from knowing how to increase potential yields, best and potent strains, and legit advice from expert growers. A weed growing app has all that you need for your next growing season. It makes life easier indeed.

Weed Growing App

There are now several weed growing apps in the market. Most of them are free, useful, and secure and are on the weed growers’ side. Thus, if you want the aid of technology for your marijuana to strive and have more dependable yields, then these weed growing apps are for you.

However, since several weed growing apps are already in the market, it would be overwhelming to decide which one to use best. Now, it’s better to narrow your options and ask the crucial question: what do you need the weed growing app for? Once you have your answer, choosing the weed growing app is easier.

Take a look at the top ten best growing weed apps in the market, as recommended by both growers and experts. These growing weed apps are from trusted and reliable sources, so you won’t need to get anxious about them.


Botana is the leading weed growing app for most cannabis growers. It’s no wonder since this app has a great range of different cool features. Even when you are a novice grower, a hobbyist, or a commercial grower, you make use of this weed growing app. This weed growing app is free.

The app has a feature called a bug tracker that helps discover any bugs, pathogens, or pesticide residue. Using this feature, you can identify when and how to resolve your bugs and pest dilemma. It will help you understand what occurs during the growing process and how to destroy bugs and other pathogens to have healthier marijuana plants.

Aside from these, the app allows you to make your strain and share it with others. You will get to take pictures of your garden, so it will be easier for you to have them as a reference for your next growth. It will help you create your media, know more about the feeding rules and the growing environment marijuana plants strive on. With this weed growing app, you won’t have a problem viewing the latest trend in the cannabis world.


Growbuddy is another weed growing app. If you want an easy app filled with nice features, this one is for you. Growbuddy acts as your marijuana grow journal. Using this weed growing app, you can take note of every detail your marijuana plants have. With its comprehensive database, you will get to compare your data for each growing season and strain to improve your experience and learn from your mistake.

This app allows you to schedule and write the list of tasks you need, such as the watering schedule or adding nutrients. To help you keep better notes, it allows photographic evidence. This weed growing app strives to become an all-around access app where growers access marijuana knowledge, get advice from experts, and buy supplies from different legit stores.

Grow with Jane

Grow with Jane is the best weed growing app for novice growers. It helps new growers on what to do with their marijuana plants. It consists of growing logs and schedule tools to keep the growers updated on what to do next. From germination to the flowering stage, Grow with Jane is there to help you do what’s necessary and essential to the plants. It can give updates and reminders for the growing process like when to water and add nutrients, adjust light and temperature, among all others. The best part is the app’s privacy. You can use it offline or under an anonymous account. If you wish to get connected with others, there is a bigger Jane community where you can share your data and photos.


Weedmaps is one of the first weed growing apps to help weed growers. If you are living in a country where marijuana is legal, then you will find Weedmaps the most useful. It has a bank of information on marijuana products and brands, recreational shops, and medical dispensaries.

You can search for any marijuana sellers by names or locations. When you choose the location, you will see several stores within range. You will get information on the shops as well, such as the products they offer and how much they could be. Weedmaps is the best weed growing app for growers looking for marijuana sellers around their area.


Leafy offers the same services as Weedmaps. However, in 2008, Leafy announced that they would remove unlicensed sellers in California. Aside from knowing where to get marijuana, Leafy has started giving information about cannabis strains online. It recommends the best strains and the needed information on their taste, effects, and overall genetics.


Budlabs is a good weed growing app for hydroponic growers. In this weed growing app, you need to input the necessary details, and BudLabs will provide a concise and informative, and correct feeding schedule. However, the brand Advanced Nutrients developed this weed growing app, so constant encouragement to buy their products will pop up now and then.


If you want to grow or buy the right marijuana for your medical condition, PotBot will give you the best strain recommendation. You will need to input data such as age, symptoms, and cannabis experience then the app will provide information on the strains legally available in the area. By using this app, growers and patients will save time searching for unverified data online. Instead, they will get unbiased and legit information based on medical researches.

High There!

Growing weed can be more fun with High There! It is a social app where you get to meet other marijuana growers. You will get invites or send them and have a chat with the other members. It is the best way to share information, experiences, and techniques to have a better growing experience. High There! is an app where you get to reach out to a community of people who have the same interests, hence, growing and using marijuana.


If you are not yet ready to invest in planting marijuana, you can ‘manage and grow’ your strain using Grassroots, a game app. This game allows you to have your virtual farm where you get the same experience of planting marijuana: watering, trimming, and harvesting. You can even get to run your own business and sell different strains. Then, you can expand your business and learn management skills.


Simleaf is another weed growing app available in the market for a specific price. This app is a 3D grow stimulator, which means the app provides you the experience to practice planting marijuana virtually before doing it in real life. In this weed growing app, you can manage and adjust light, humidity, nutrients, and other essentials needed for the growing process. Along the way, SimLeaf provides helpful tips and information.


Indeed, marijuana has infiltrated the cyber world. Today, growers can enjoy growing marijuana, getting information, and scheduling calendars at the comfort of their mobile phones through a weed growing app. It truly gets easier as time goes by. Even novice growers won’t have any problems when it comes to knowing what to do next and what to expect. With the growing weed app reminding them what to do and what not to do, growers will surely enjoy planting marijuana more than ever.

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