Ways to Prevent Cannabis Plants from Growing Very Tall during Flowering Time

Depending on the seed genetics, marijuana plants can grow from short to medium and tall height. It is very important that a grower is familiar with the kind of strain he is growing or he wants to grow. Consider the environment where the plants are intended to be grown. If indoor growing is preferred, choose a type of strain that can maintain a short to medium height. If the outdoor garden is favored, a pure or mostly sativa type of cannabis can be cultivated. However, there are instances when a grower can experience cultivating a weed plant that grows very tall.

When a marijuana plant tends to grow too tall, you will either just allow it to grow up to its maximum height or stop it from increasing its height by means of certain techniques. If cannabis plants are growing very tall, below are some of the things that a grower can do:

1. Cut the tops of the cannabis plants

This process is done to stop the vertical growth of the weed plants. It is one of the oldest techniques that are still done by several growers nowadays. By cutting the tops, the plants will have the tendency to produce additional stems that are stronger from the cut stems. After topping, the plants will produce more leaves.

2. Topping of the marijuana plants before they enter the flowering stage

Top the marijuana plants before they proceed to the budding period and this process will prevent them from growing very tall. Aside from that, the plants will have a more stocky posture with stronger stems.

3. Proper selection of marijuana strain

If you plan to grow taller marijuana plants like that of pure and mostly Sativa types, make sure to prepare the grow room with space that is enough to accommodate the horizontal and vertical growth of the plants. If space indoors is confined, choose a type of strain that can go well with it like indica types. Inaccuracies may happen and the grower may encounter a ganja plant that can grow very tall. In this case, certain techniques to stop the plants from growing should be applied.
Topping the marijuana plants before flowering time can be done to avoid the plants from growing too tall but do not top them once they have already started producing some flowers. Topping the plants before flowering time will induce them to produce more buds but cutting the top during budding will not do any help.