UW Marijuana Strain Review

UW may have a short name for a cannabis strain, but it boasts world-class effects and properties to just about anyone who smokes this bud. This marijuana variant is also known as UW Purple or U-Dub, and it’s Indica dominant characteristics have become something of a cult favorite among many cannabis communities.

Aside from its potent effects, this cannabis plant has eye-catching flowers that form a spherical shape. Its buds are dense with heavy structures, and these are common traits for Indica-dominant marijuana plants.

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UW Specifications

Type: Mostly Indica
Flowering Period: 8 to 9 weeks
Climate: Indoor or outdoor environments
Yield: 1.39 ounces per square feet
Flavors: Flowers, spicy herbs, and grapes
THC Level: 20.5% to 24.5% on average
Height: 65 inches
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Effects of UW?

First-time smokers of UW may wonder why the highs of UW doesn’t kick into high gear upon the first toke. Instead, its effects creep and will start surfacing after several minutes after the first exhale. However, once the highs do start to emanate, it begins with a heaviness that fills the minds and bodies of its smokers.

Smokers are then struck with feelings of relaxation and happiness as they settle into the nearest and most comfortable seating area. Unlike other cannabis strains out there, this marijuana variant doesn’t come with a focused cerebral mindset. Instead, it focuses on bringing users uplifting feelings with distinct senses of contentment.

What are the Medical Benefits of UW?

UW brings plenty of calming properties to its users. These characteristics are very helpful in bringing total relaxation to patients experiencing acute symptoms associated with depression, PTSD, and anxiety. Furthermore, the strain can also help in soothing everyday aches and pains whether they’re incidental or chronic conditions.

What are the Negative Effects that you can expect from UW?

Even though UW has many beneficial properties for smokers, it does carry some negative effects. Most of its consumers will acquire dry mouths and throats during smoking sessions. Furthermore, some cases of headaches, paranoia, and dizziness may occur.

Tips for Growing UW

The seeds of UW aren’t commercially available so interested marijuana gardeners should look and obtain clippings from mature plans in hopes of growing genetically identical clones.

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