Underground Originals Review

Underground Originals Review: The New Era in Cannabis Breeding

If you are interested in growing your very own premium hybrids, then you might just love to take a look at the Underground Original seeds selection.

Bargaining the 1st places at Dopefiend Cup –London, Spannabis Champions Cup – Madrid, Elite Cup – Amsterdam (and that’s to name a few!), you can check out more about the breeders in our Underground Originals review.

The Underground Original project started about 40 years ago, when the cultivators began collecting various all-time favorite marijuana strains’ seeds.

With dedication and curiosity, the team has won 1st place at multiple Cannabis Cups, including Elite Cup Amsterdam, BioCup Barcelona, and more.

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Best Features of Underground Originals

  • one-of-a-kind potent hybrids
  • beginner-friendly and user-friendly site

Shipping Information

The company ships worldwide.

Seeds are discreetly shipped as souvenirs.

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Seed Selections

A Blend of treasured landrace strains, turned into modern-day hybrids.

These include Blues, Disco Biscuit, HoneyBadger, KillerSkunk, NoName, PremierSweet, PsychoSister, UGORG #1.

Seeds are Regular and come in a pack of 10.

Customer Service

You can contact the company via email.

They also have an active Instagram account.

Website Functionality

The site is still under construction, so there’s a lot to be done.

However, it’s very easy to navigate and there is 0 chance of getting confused while doing so.

The funny, unique comics graphics will sure put a smile on your face. J

Pricing and Payment Methods

Prices vary from 70-80 GBP.

Apart from underground’s original site, you can also find their seeds in numerous partner retailer sites.

With this in mind, prices may vary, and the same goes for payment methods.

For those who wish to order their seeds straight from the underground original’s site, you will need to fill out a simple email form.

The possible payment methods are not clear until you complete the form.

What we like about Underground Originals

  • intriguing choice of excellent hybrids
  • the selection of the small seed is actually a plus, as you don’t get confused by too much information and you have a good time navigating through the site
  • the Instagram page is wonderful and makes you want to lay your hands on a few juicy buds
  • free seeds with each order

What we don’t like about Underground Originals

  • no information about the growing patterns and demands of the strains are provided; since seeds are sent as souvenirs, you cannot rely on asking the company any additional questions regarding growing

Our Verdict

If you are looking for innovative, award-winning hybrid strains straight from the breeder, you will definitely love to take a look at Underground Originals.

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