Top Medical Marijuana Strains 2014

The legalization of marijuana for medical purposes in a lot of different states and countries is proof enough that smoking weed really does help remedy a lot of different ailments and diseases. On top of that, the cannabis plant still has a lot more to offer leaving different medical researchers scrambling to find out the next big discovery in the world of cannabis.

One of the latest news is the possibility of using cancer as a cure for AIDS. Yes, different HIV patients are already using marijuana to help them cope with the symptoms like loss of appetite and pain. However, this new study is providing some proof that marijuana used on chimps has rid them of the virus that causes AIDS. There is only a small amount of time left before the cure for this killer disease will finally become clear.

Thus, if you are curious of the best medical marijuana strains yourself, here is a top 5 list of the best medical marijuana strains of the year.

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Top 1: AK-47

Yes, the legendary cannabis strain tops the list, not only because of its potency, but for its medicinal powers as well. Don’t mistake it for its name – the result of smoking this weed is definitely not going to shoot you in the brain. Instead, it can provide the most long-lasting relaxing effect that it is used for the worst cases of anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Top 2: Euphoria

Man is a social being. Thus, it can be very stressful whenever a person develops social anxiety, or incapability of being able to socialize with other people because of certain disorders. Fortunately, Euphoria can help out with that. It is being used as treatment for those who have this ailment, and also for patients having bipolar disorder.

Top 3: Blue Dream

One of the biggest issues that different patients receiving cure from marijuana is that a lot of the strains produce the physical high or stoned effect impairing some people from physical activity. Of course you would want to be relieved from pain but you’d also want to be able to perform with your daily activities too, right? If this is your problem, then the Blue Dream is the cannabis strain for you .This is very good for daytime use, and it doesn’t have a high sedative effect. Even so, it is still the top remedy for any type of pain.

Top 4: Maui Waui

Finally, we have the Maui Waui. It is important to note that this is not as potent as the ones on the list but we have included it here for a number of reasons. First, it’s one of the best tasting marijuana out there. This tropical marijuana is taste-friendly to any type of user. It’s citrusy, sweet, and fruity. Second, because of its right amount of potency, it is safe to use even during daytime. It would not keep you from being physically active, in fact it could even provide you an energetic boost. Finally, it’s a well-balanced strain perfect for the usual medical aid that marijuana provides: stress and pain relief, and improvement of appetite.

These are just the top 4 medical marijuana strains of 2014. There are more medical marijuana strains out there that might help you with your condition.

If you want to save money buying your medication from overpriced sources, then growing your own marijuana plants would be the best option you have. Grow your own medical marijuana plants from seeds and save a lot of money in the long run. Never will you run out of marijuana supply to treat your condition.