Top Dawg Seeds Review: For the Cannabisseurs with an Attitude

Have you also been infected with the Top Dawg cup-winning cannabis fever?

But is Top Dawg a reputable breeder and are his seeds worth your time and investment?

Check out the insights and tips which our experts share in the Top Dawg Seeds Review below to help you make the most well-informed choice for yourself.

Top Dawg has little to do with the image of the typical seed company we are used to seeing.

In fact, you won’t even find Top Dawg’s personal site, as this marijuana breeder features his unique seeds in various online shops, other seed banks, etc.

Ever since 2000, JJNYC – the breeder behind Top Dawg Seeds, has been cultivating and producing “out of the park strains”, winning various awards.

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Best Features of Top Dawg Seeds

– impressive genetics

– unique, carefully crossbred strains

 Shipping Information

Shipping varies, depending on the multiple options, provided by the retailer sites. If you’re currently residing in the United States, you may find seed banks that ship to USA online!

Seed Selections

A wide range of regular, Feminized and Autoflowering varieties.

Customer Service

As the breeder himself doesn’t have a site, you have to rely on the customer service of the retailer seed banks and sites, so the experience you get will widely vary.

Website Functionality

Since you may fall across different marijuana sites, offering Top Dawg’s seeds, it’s hard to point out to the functionality of each one.

Overall, prepare for a lot of research and scrolling.

For example, Barney’s Farm offers only the cup-winner of Top Dawg’s seeds – Top Dawg strain itself, while comes with a huge range of various Top Dawg’s seeds available.

However, the order at Barney’s is much easier than that at, where interacting with the content is rather confusing.

Pricing and Payment Methods

Depending on the site you choose to order Top Dawg seeds from, payment options vary from postal envelopes, credit cards, Western Union, etc.

What we like about Top Dawg Seeds

– a breeder with a talent and attitude

– award-winning genetics

What we don’t like about Top Dawg Seeds

– the many websites where you can find Top Dawg’s seeds make it frustrating to keep searching and comparing

– Some Top Dawg retailers do not add descriptions regarding growth demands and patterns of the strains

– Delivery may not be available to all countries

Our Verdict

The marijuana aficionados, who have experienced the amazing genetics of the breeds, provided by Top Dawg report the well-deserved fame of this honored breeder.

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