Weed Computer Games

Top 5 Weed Computer Games you Want to Play

Are you a fan of both weed and video games? Great news! You have the opportunity to combine these two passions together. You may want to play them while you are feeling that high, or just play them anytime you want to, as a way to show your passion to weed. By enjoy the top 5 weed computer games listed below, you can expect several gaming hours ahead of you!

LSD Dream Emulator

This game is a game developed in Japan, inspired by an amazing dream journal that was written by artist Hiroko Nishikawa. This game was made available on Play Station 1, but was only accessible in Japan during the 1990s. These days, however, the LSD Dream Emulator can now be downloaded right into your computer. What makes this game interesting is the fact that it comes with no objective at all. You can easily teleport to various virtual environments as you touch the characters, as well as the other games that can be found in within the game. What this game does is that it can stretch the boundaries of actual game play. If you are searching for such types of games, this is a great option for you.


Now this game is really intended for those who really love marijuana. In this website, you can choose to play a lot of weed, flash style games. For example, by playing Stoned Mario, your goal is to bail out and free the princess who has been arrested. Another interesting game is the Crop Defender. It is a game which requires you to water your crop, and make sure that you protect it from deer. Another thing that you need to do is to destroy fungus at a very short time in order to ensure that you make a profit. You would certainly want to play Stoned Pacman where you play with weed leaves rather than pellets, and eat bongs in order to power up.

Run Criki

This game has been sponsored by people behind the TV show Strain Hunters, as well as the members of Green House Seed Co. The story behind this game is all about a particular character, a stoner cricket who decided to leave his home, that is, in Netherlands. He, then, decided to go to Uruguay upon learning that it is legal there, and it is even cheap! Criki starts to hop in a similar way like Mario, facing weed, brownies, hashish, as well as other things that hinder this path. What makes this game interesting is that it is surely entertaining, thanks to its colorful and cartoon-ish style.


This website is completely filled with amazing games that you can enjoy, whether high or sober. For example, if you personally want to cultivate weed in your very own garden, you have all the possibilities to do so, in the virtual world. You can also have the chance to have our own Weed Bakery, and Weed shop. You also deal with virtual customers with whom you can enjoy doing business with. The manufacturer of the game also claims that no plants in the game are same with the simulation in 3D farming. It also gives you an interesting twist as you start feeling virtually stoned, and interacting with the environment. The best part is that it is available online. As a result, you can easily make friends with other people who also share the same passion as you.

420 Blaze It

This game comes in the form of a shoot’em up style for players who just love weeds who are interested in defeating the illuminati. It is quite trippy and comes with a lot of pixel graphics coming in and out, freaking you unexpectedly. For your health, you can also consume Mountain Dew and Dontos. You can experience a lot of explosions, dub step and machine guns in this game. It has also been reviewed by tested sites, which means that it is a really promising game.

As a passionate stoner, you certainly would want to experience the high after smoking your favorite strain. However, you can still enjoy this passion even though you are not actually smoking marijuana. You can also play the above mentioned games in order to show your passion to this activity. Or, you can just play them if you feel bored, and want something to have fun with. When you are high, rather than go out and possibly attract attention from other people, you may want to spend your time at home, playing these games. A great combination to both of your marijuana and video games passion!