Jobs in the Marijuana Industry

Top 10 Jobs in the Marijuana Industry

Marijuana is considered legal, not just for medical use, but also for recreational purposes in some states now. After over a year since Colorado opened this market officially to the public, it has been evident that millions of dollars in profits were made in this industry, with several thousands of jobs opened. Despite the rate in development, it is clear that the economic gains in this industry are clear.

The thing is, it is not just the actual cultivation and selling of marijuana which brings in the needed revenue while creating jobs, but there are other supporting roles as well. All of these roles simply mean a huge influx when it comes to job opportunities, especially those in locations where marijuana legalization has finally come to a complete swing.

What are the examples of those jobs? What can you expect from them? Here are the top 10 jobs in the marijuana industry.


The job of a budtender is exactly the same as that of a bartender, except that you are tending ‘buds’. The role involves assisting customers who need information regarding the various strains available, edibles and concentrates. In a cool way, a budtender helps the customers in making a good decision when it comes to choosing the best strain. This job also needs an extensive knowledge regarding the different strains offered, down to identifying issues or allergies that potential customers may have.


Tasks involved under this category may turn out to be the least thrilling. However, they are also important. The role includes checking the patients, as well as customers right at the store’s front door, up to making sure that shipments are delivered, and that accounts are completely in order. This job provides a huge opportunity for professionals who are looking for an amazing start in this new industry.


Yes, within the marijuana industry, there is also a tourism sub-category. This is still about to take off, but there are companies that are now trying to introduce it. The point is that a lot of tourism agencies bring in profit by taking their tourists to a tour, explaining the overview of the marijuana industry. From bringing them to growing locations to touring them to local dispensaries and retail locations, the tourism sector can really earn a lot from this industry.

Marijuana Trimmer

Of course, the process of producing the right buds does not just happen as a magic. There are processes that are involved. Trimming is a very important part of the process. A trimmer’s job is to make sure that the resulting product is not just attractive, but done right.


This is a dream position of many people, especially those who love marijuana! This allows you to review the different strains that are available, allowing people to learn more and make their own decisions when necessary. This may not have to be in an actual office, since there are some that do their reviews online, through different platforms.


As retail stores start to open up, there is certainly a need for security, as it is of utmost concern among many. The role of the security personnel would involve checking IDs and securing the privacy of customers. They also protect the establishment by making sure that money transactions are done accordingly.

Delivery and Courier

While there are local courier services that retail stores can take advantage of, some have actually chosen to establish their own courier and delivery services. This is to make sure that every order arrives the destination safely, considering the nature of the product delivered.

Accessories Merchant

Smoking marijuana for different purposes involve the use of different accessories, including bongs, pipes as well as vaporizers. This particular sector in this industry is outright expected to expand as there is a need to control usage all throughout the country, especially in making sure that even in places where use is allowed, attracting too much attention is avoided.

Concentrate Processor

This field requires a good amount of skill, and may even be dangerous. The concentrates contain substances such as oils and several others. They are noted to have powerful effects. This is a very promising job to those who are already in the science field.

Edible Creator

This job sounds like a dream job for many. The edibles come in different variations, making it an exciting job for those who are really passionate about this field. Depending on your skill level and location, this job can turn out to be real lucrative, but may be challenging due to regulations.