Tools that Every Marijuana Grower Should Use

All workers have their own tools. The task that they have in front of them determines the type of tools that need to be used. In growing marijuana, there are some very important tools that will often be used in order to produce a good yield of buds. From very simple tools such as a trowel to more complicated tools such as PPM meter, these tools are very important in growing healthy crops.

Introducing the Tools

The first tools that you will be using highly depend on the method of cultivation that you want to implement. There are various ways on how to be successful in growing marijuana. All of these methods come with their own advantages and disadvantages. Some people may choose to shove a seed in nutritious and healthy soil, while some growers may actually choose to use the more complicated, complete hydroponic operation.

PPM Meter

One very important tool that will be used in a marijuana growing project is PPM Meter. It is a tool which provides information on the concentration level of the nutrient solution that is mixed with pure water. Other growers say that the right method in order to determine the right amount of nutrient solution should be measured in the pure water first. The value is then used as a baseline which can tell the amount of nutrient solution that needs to be added. A PPM meter is a vital tool that should be present in your growing kit.

PH Meter

A pH meter is a tool that effectively measures the level of alkalinity or acidity of any liquid given. For instance, you can measure that level of acidity or alkalinity of water for your nutrient solution. The standard scale is from 1 to 15. 7 is the neutral level. Anything below that is considered acidic, while any amount above the amount 7 is considered alkaline.

For marijuana to grow well, it needs a slightly acidic solution ranging between 5.2 to 5.9 pH. There are various ways on how to determine the pH level of a liquid. There are kits which may be purchased, and included in the kit is liquid which can be added to your nutrient solution sample. Afterward, you can drop in litmus paper and compare the paper color to the color chart. By far, this remains as the most affordable choice that is highly recommended for growing with just a few plants.

Trace Elements

Trace elements are also very important in order for a plant to last to the midpoint in the growing cycle. Afterward, the plant will start struggling in order to grow. This is where the tool enters the picture. By adding these trace elements to your nutrient solution, you can be assured that the plant can receive all the necessary nutrients in order for it to survive.

These are just some of the tools that need to be present in any marijuana growers growing kit. There are some tools that growers use depending on the method of cultivation that they use.