Tools and Equipments Needed During Cannabis Harvesting

You will find growing cannabis as a very rewarding job. Whether you are growing marijuana for recreational or medical purposes, it is an advantage if you are growing your own weed plants because you will know what the quality of the buds is. The potency of the buds can be influenced with the time you do the harvest and how you do it. If you want to get the most potent buds, proper harvest timing and techniques should be done. Depending on your personal preference, you can begin harvesting the marijuana buds in 8 to 12 weeks although some indica strains can be harvested in as early as 6 weeks. It is about time that you begin the harvest when almost half or more of the buds change color, from whitish to brown, red or orange.

Marijuana Growing – Preparing for Harvest

As part of the harvest preparation in growing weed plants, you need to secure a room with proper air circulation for both trimming and drying of the buds harvested. A temperature of about 70 degrees should be maintained in the room.  High temperature can produce moisture which may then be affecting the buds and reduce their potency. Before the harvest, make sure that you have gathered all the necessary things needed.

Things Needed to Harvest the Buds During Marijuana Growing

Scissors in different sizes

Use sharp scissors to prevent damage on the buds. With the use of scissors, the harvest can be done with ease and cut is cleaner if you use the sharp ones. Get a large-sized pair of scissors to cut down the stems and roots while the small-sized scissor is used to trim down the small parts of the plant.

Magnifier/magnifying glass

This is used to examine the buds.

Working lamp/overhead light

This is usually used if you harvest buds from outdoor growing pot plants or for handling the buds harvested in the drying room.


This is used to cover the area where you will lay the buds harvested. Newsprint can be used but this type of paper may contain an amount of lead. A plain paper or paper grocery bags is commonly suggested.

Work space

The work space area is very important because this is where you will start to trim the leaves and buds harvested. It will also serve as the drying and curing room for cannabis buds.

In growing cannabis plants, the harvest time is one of the simplest procedures to do. Collect all the necessary things you will need during the harvest and after harvesting the buds.

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