Tips On Marijuana Sexing

Male and female marijuana plants may occur in equal numbers when you start weed growing using a regular pack of seeds. Yes, almost 50% are going to be male cannabis plants with low potency buds. It is never possible to know the sex of marijuana when they are still seedlings. The sex of the plant is identifiable during the pre-flowering time which will already happen while the plants are on fast vegetative growth.

Cannabis Growing – The Best Time for Weed Sexing

In pot growing, the best time for sexing cannabis plants is during their pre-flowering time in which the male plants will produce small balls while the females produce white hairs called pistils that will continually develop into buds with high potency when not pollenized. It may not be easy for some, especially pot beginners who are not quite familiar with the characteristics of both male and female. Male cannabis flowers early than the female ones. If high potency is desired, early sexing of the plants is necessary so you can take the male plants out from the garden before the pollination begins. The best time to do sexing of cannabis is during the pre-floral phase.

Growing Marijuana – Proper Way of Sexing Cannabis

In pot growing, the proper way of sexing marijuana plants is done using a magnifier. Take a closer look at the internodes to see the flowers that start to develop. If you notice clusters of small balls, then that would tell that you are growing cannabis male plants. If you see small white hairs, then that is a sign that you are growing weed females. The pre-floral stage is the time in which the sex of the plants is already becoming evident. If you want to harvest sensimilla or those without seeds, the proper way of sexing cannabis is during the pre-flowering time. That way, you can immediately pull out the male plants that release pollens, reduce potency and bud quality of the female marijuana plants.

The early sexing of plants in weed growing will allow you of early sex identification. For weed enthusiasts who are after high quality and potent buds, growing marijuana males in the garden is not desirable. As soon as male plants are noticed in the garden plot, take them out before pollination occurs. Be familiar with the male characteristics of weed so you can easily identify them in the garden. Once spotted, carefully pull them out. Be careful enough not to drop off some pollen on females.

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