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Tips on Growing Marijuana Outdoors in Northern Climates

Frost is the biggest problem that marijuana growers living in Northern countries have. Countries like Alaska and Canada have a very cold climate. Frost can damage the growing shoots of young marijuana plants. The fall or winter frost will affect the weed plants, resulting in reduced yield during harvest time. Northern climates have a short growing season because of frost. But even with a short growing season happening in Northern countries, obtaining huge yield is still possible. Below are some tips on how to get a huge yield of quality buds even when marijuana plants are cultivated in an area with a short growing season.

How to obtain a good harvest even if you are growing marijuana plants in a location where there is a short growing season?

1. Making the right choice of cannabis strain

Choose to grow an outdoor marijuana strain that is adapted to early frosts such as Early Pearl, Early Girl, Lowrider, C99, Shiva Skunk, Northern Lights, and Chemo. Proper strain selection is very crucial. A wrong choice of pot strain will give you marijuana plants that may not produce good yield due to frost. Select a cannabis strain with a flowering period of 9 weeks and even lesser.

2. Starting nurturing the marijuana plants indoors

Before planting weed plants outdoors, start cultivating them indoors and wait until all the plants are strong enough and ready for transplanting. When you start nurturing cannabis plants inside, it is good to use fluorescent bulbs. Transfer the marijuana plants in June so there will be no more risk of late frost.

3. Proper selection of the growing site

In Northern climates, it is best to choose a type of location wherein the marijuana plants will not receive direct sunlight during mornings. This will help the cannabis plants to withstand several nights having a temperature below 0 degrees Celsius. It is because the marijuana plants will defrost gradually in the morning as the air becomes warm. You can also choose an area near a good water source like a lake or a river because water will help in controlling nighttime temperatures.

For those who are growing marijuana plants in Northern countries, choose the best type of strain that is best to grow in the region. It is good to select a kind of weed strain with short to medium flowering time. Before frost, water your cannabis plants in the evening as this will help in protecting the roots from freezing.

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