The Real Seed Company: Yes, it IS Real – A Heaven of Landrace Marijuana Strains Exists

Nowadays, with the fast-growing trade online, it is easy to get lost in the ocean of information.

That’s why searching for quality seeds can be such a painful task instead of a delight!

But we are happy to share a little oasis we found in the world of cannabis online.

See what we mean in the Real Seed Company review.

Founded in 2007, The Real Seed Company follows a unique quest for preserving the genetics of traditional marijuana strains, found in Asia.

Did you know that Asia is actually the homeland of cannabis?

For anyone who is interested in meeting the authentic strains of charash, hashish, and ganja cultivars, The Real Seed Company will definitely grab your heart and attention.

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Best Features of Real Seed Company

– amazing, one-of-a-kind seeds of marijuana strains with ancient and sturdy genetic inheritance, which is why we look upon this company as more of a boutique seeds catalog

– fantastic descriptions regarding the growing patterns and demands of each strain, which makes you feel confident as a grower

Shipping Information

Worldwide shipping is available.

Delivery to countries within the EU, as well as the US, is estimated on 5-7 working days.

UK shipment takes only 1-2 working days.

There is also a recorded delivery rate for each country, which is easy to check out at the Shipping Information page.

Seed Selections

Only pure landrace strains of Regular seeds in a pack of 5 or 12.

ParvatiJungly, Malana Cream, Sinai, Johaar, Kerala, and over 10 more traditional strains available up-to-date.

Customer Service

You can contact the company through the simple online Contact Us form by email.

Website Functionality

The website is very minimalistic, and there’s simply no useless information to distract your attention or get you confused.

Navigating is extremely easy and all pages and categories are well-arranged.

Pricing and Payment Methods

You can complete your order by a Card or bank transfer.

For more payment methods, you can look for Real Seed seeds at or

What we like about Real Seed Company

– fantastic place for the aficionados of pure genetics and traditional strains

– very clear, out of too much advertising or pushing-it-into-your-face website, which only showcases the exact amount of information you need when looking for quality seeds for your next collection

What we don’t like about Real Seed Company

– few payment method options available

– no presence of the company in the social media

For seed banks that offer multiple payment methods, Growing Marijuana Tips may be of great help.

Our Verdict

Bud buddies, if you like landrace strains – then The Real Seed will make your day.

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