The Importance of Ventilation in Indoor Cannabis Growing

A good ventilation system is necessary when growing marijuana indoors. It is just as important as setting up the artificial light source and providing weed plants with nutrients and water supply. Without proper ventilation in your growing weed room, an indoor garden can get hot and humid. Poor ventilation will cause air to become stagnant and may invite mold growth.

Like any other plants, cannabis put out toxins through the stomata of the leaves. If you are growing cannabis in a small room, opening the door or window is quite enough to allow a proper exchange of air. Good air flow will help promote healthy cannabis growth. You can install circulating fans, ventilating fans, exhaust fans and blowers in your indoor pot garden to provide the room with proper ventilation.

Top Reasons Why A Good Ventilating System Is Necessary

To control humidity

An indoor growing pot garden that is humid because of poor ventilation may invite mold growth. It can cause stagnant air that may slow down the growth pattern of the weed plants. To keep humidity at the right level, install an exhaust fan to release humid air out from the room. Regularly check the humidity level of the room especially at night in which marijuana plants transpire moisture. For humidity control, you can also set up an additional circulating fan. The number of fans and the size will depend on your indoor growing marijuana space

To control the room temperature

Keep the temperature of the indoor pot room at the standard level to promote healthy marijuana growth. Inappropriate level of temperature may stunt the growth of the cannabis plants.

To replenish carbon dioxide for photosynthesis

Carbon dioxide is necessary for the plant’ photosynthesis and marijuana is no exception. Make sure that fresh air is supplied in your indoor growing pot garden for carbon dioxide replenishment. Open the windows or door for at least two times a day to allow fresh air to get inside the room. But if you are growing weed in a room where space is confined, installation of circulating or exhaust fan is necessary.

Provide your indoor weed garden a good ventilating system to make sure of proper and healthy cannabis growth. Poor ventilation in the room will turn the place humid which may cause harm to the plants. To ensure proper ventilation, install additional fans in your indoor garden with the number and size just right for the room space.

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