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The Effects of Smoking Marijuana Using Shisha

Shisha is a smoking tool commonly used for marijuana that is also called as hookah or a water pipe. The name shisha comes from the word “shishe”, a Persian word that means “glass.” This smoking device used by several cannabis lovers is said to have originated in countries like Turkey, India, Egypt, Syria and Iran. It is more like a water pipe or a bong because the weed smoke passes through the water filter and cooled down before it enters to your throat and lungs, giving you a smooth a soothing kind of smoke.

Shisha is also known as hookah and just like one, it has a chamber which you can partially fill with ice to obtain a smoother and cooler marijuana smoke. Putting ice on the chamber is optional. You may opt to just add in water to filter and cool the smoke before you use it up. As the smoke passes through the chamber that is either filled with water, cold liquid or ice, it is cooled down and thus, it can give you a soothing sensation on the throat and lungs. The smoke that this tool produced is pleasant and non-irritating to the throat.

For a pleasurable high and cooling sensation on the throat, smoke pot buds using shisha. To make pot smoking more exciting, add a cold water or ice on the chamber. You can even add flavor or molasses to the liquid for a rich and savory cannabis smoke. Using this smoking tool can enhance your ganja experience. The extraordinary taste that this paraphernalia brings can even last for a couple of hours. Aside from the traditional one-hose type,you can enjoy smoking with friends because some shishas are designed with two hoses or more. Choose one that will suit your smoking preferences as there are different designs, styles, sizes and colors available for you.

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