The Difference Between Medical and Recreational Marijuana Strains

If you are new to smoking or growing marijuana, then you might wonder what the difference between medical and recreational marijuana strains.

A lot of marijuana sellers or seed banks claim that their marijuana strains for sale are medical or recreational or something like that. Now, let’s discuss the difference between the two by answering some of the frequently asked questions about the difference between medical and recreational marijuana.

What are medical marijuana strains?

Medical marijuana strains are those with high CBD content and they are used for treating medical conditions. CBD is the chemical found in marijuana that makes it medical. The higher the CBD content the lesser the high efficiency but the stronger the medical effects it would give the patient.

What are recreational marijuana strains?

Recreational marijuana is those strains with high THC content. This can make you feel high rather than medical. However, the presence of CBD can affect the effect of THC. If a marijuana plant has high THC and high CBD content then the effect of THC won’t be that strong.

If you want to get high then look for strains with high THC content and lesser CBD.

Which marijuana type should you go for?

It depends on the preference of the person. There is no such thing as the best marijuana strain because its individual person differs. It’s up to you to which strains you would want to go for.

Read below for our own preferred top strains with high CBD and high THC content.

Top 5 Marijuana Strains with high THC Content (Recreational)

Top 5 Marijuana Strains with High CBD Content (Medical)

That’s just a little bit of idea of what’s the difference between medical and recreational marijuana strains. I have also provided you my top 5 preferred for each. There are links in each strain which you can click so that you will be directed to a website where you can learn about the strains or buy the seeds.

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