Symptoms and Solutions of Moisture Stress on Cannabis Plants

One of the most common problems in growing marijuana is moisture stress on your weed plants. Here are some growing marijuana tips regarding this kind of cannabis problem.

During the different phases of marijuana’s growth, the plants may encounter some problems that are sometimes quite hard to distinguish. It is very important to know what exactly causes the problem before a treatment is given.  There are cases in which the cannabis plants show different symptoms but the cause is just the same. Wrong diagnosis may lead to the death of the marijuana plants.

Moisture stress is one of the problems that a grower may experience. Water stress may show symptoms like cupping and edges of the leaves are turning brown. Some growers may think of it as a symptom of severe calcium deficiency or a damage caused by insects and other pests. It is not really easy to point out the cause of the problem in the plants so it may also be difficult to provide a solution. Knowing the cause is the first step you need to know so you can provide the weed plants with the right solution.

The following are some of the symptoms of plant moisture stress problems:

1. Some parts of the leaves are burning or margin rolling. The leaves are harder when touched. The high concentration of salts will make the water go down to the roots because of water level imbalance.

2. Marijuana plants appear as broad-bladed caused by high noon temperatures. Too much heat can damage the leaves of the weed plants because water is lost from the leaves. This can usually happen during hot summer days.

3. When the leaves begin to droop, it may be a symptom that cannabis plants are not receiving adequate supply of water. Inadequate water supply will also make the production of carbohydrates difficult aside from the low level of moisture.

4. The leaves of the weed plants look stressed, roots are weakened and the growth is stunted. These are some of the symptoms of overwatering. Adding nutrients will not correct the problem. The root system of the ganja plants becomes weak because there is already an abnormal exchange of gas in the roots.

Some moisture stress problems can be corrected easily like in the case of under watering. When the marijuana plants are not receiving the right amount of water, it can be corrected by gradually adding water until the plants will be moisturized. Do not wait for the soil or other grow medium to dry before you add in more water. Just add water slowly on the plants but make sure not to overdo it.

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