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Super Cropping: The Best Technique for Higher Yields

Nurturing a crop for a long time without exceeding the conventional expectation would probably too much to bear. After all, you poured out everything you have to give to the plant. Because of this dilemma, growers are adamant about looking for techniques that will satisfy their souls. For cannabis plant cultivators, their comfort is where they figured the ways of super cropping and its beyond-expected benefit to their crops.

Beginner or not, every gardening enthusiast wishes to witness their blood and sweat to produce abundant fruits. In the case of marijuana plant nurturers, to see their plant yielding abundant buds are heaven to them, especially if they are involved in marijuana markets because that would mean higher profit. But then again, most newbies in this category have no ideas on what super cropping is and how it can improve their cannabis plants.

Here is all detailed information on what is super cropping, how it’s done, and when it should take place to ease the revolving confusion among intermediate cultivators. The following discussion shall enlighten you about super cropping and why it remains the best technique for higher yields.

Defining Super Cropping

For a general definition, super cropping refers to an advanced way of allowing cannabis plants to produce impressive productions after its harvesting period. In other words, super cropping is considered a technique rather than a mandatory act. Meaning, it’s a matter of preference.

This helpful technique will let you bend – but not damage intentionally – the plant to purposely decrease its current stature or relocate the stems or branches. Super cropping involves folding the stem and deliberately pinching them to soften for the next produce – which is to bend them. If it’s already soft and up for bending, you may now twist down the said part of the plant.

After wrapping up the procedures of super cropping, you will need to support its stalk so they won’t return to their original position – which is upright – and for them to maintain folded throughout their developmental stages. However, take note that flowers may feel intimated by this technique, so it’s profoundly suggested that you do it right. Otherwise, the broken branch will lower the production and let the plant be vulnerable to illnesses.

But with proper information, detailed tips, coordination, and patience, you can execute super cropping well. If done correctly, even newbies can reap what they sow. To know the step-by-step procedures, read more to find out.

Why should you perform super cropping to your plants?

As mentioned, super cropping is a training technique reserved for growers who wish to increase their yields and pour more benefits to their plants. Though you may risk your plant’s welfare by doing so since it involves intentional folding, it’s actually great practice for the crop, and here’s why.

Vigorous condition

Stressing the cannabis plant can actually lead to rapid growth over its vegetative period.

Great bud quality

The bud’s development is also affected by its improvement that will clearly show up after the harvesting period.

More trichome production

Stressing the cannabis plant, will let plants, especially female cannabis crops, produce crystallized trichomes to protect themselves. More trichomes mean more potent and more aromatic.

Abundant yield

Most of the time, growers perform super cropping to increase the yield, so it’s the prime reason as why this technique is prevalent among cultivators.

Now that you are already well aware of super cropping and its benefits, it will be up to your needs and expectations if you proceed to the procedure. It was extremely dangerous, but it’s a mistake that you can arrange for more benefits to come.

How to Super Crop your Cannabis Plants

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While it’s factual that a couple of newbie growers find it terrifying to harm their cannabis plants potentially, some are also taking the risk to benefit their efforts. Sure, it needs profound experience and optimum skill to qualify for such a technique, but if you can properly follow the steps, you can expect it to bring you to success. To keep the right knowledge, here are ways on how to crop your cannabis plants super:

Overseeing the cannabis plants

In this first step, you will need to look over the plant and figure out things. Firstly, you will have to determine which stem will undergo super cropping. Many recommend branches that are already in its mature state, something that isn’t too young or old. It would also be best to spot the tallest since super cropping will decrease their height and produce more canopies.

Start super cropping with the bottom part

If you happen to find the ideal branch for super cropping, start with the bottom part. To begin, you will have to squeeze the said part but do it gently. As suggested, do it using your thumb, index, and forefingers while simultaneously folding it in a direction where you wish for it to grow.

This conditioning step’s primary goal is to soften the lower part of the branch so you can facilitate it easily and for better manipulation methods. But, remember always to do everything gently and carefully. If you think it’s not softening at all, rolling the branch using your fingers will help, but it would take time before it arrives in the first goal. After softening, you may now bend it towards your desired course.

Slowly make your way up

After starting with the bottom part of the stem, you can now work your way up. But ensure that there’s a gap between crops, with at least a few centimeters. Be mindful because it’s not recommendable to crop branches 2 to 3 nodes from the branch’s top part. Otherwise, it will break.

Tie the cropped branch

When you have already cropped the branch in the way you wish for it to grow, the next procedure would be to tie it down. For the material, do not use harmful or hard-surfaced ties. Instead, you may use zip ties or fabric strings.

Keep in mind that aside from the primary goal mentioned above, to ease your way down with all these procedures, make sure to find the branch’s tame-able spot. This spot should feel soft flexible while the cover is hardened and extremely-intact. This would make things less-hassling. After following the steps, the branches should at least lean towards another side at about 90 degrees. Rookie growers will have to employ the trial and error method to make this part right.

Resolve Super Cropping Mistakes    

If you happen to commit a mistake, unknowingly, fret not because there are ways to resolve the issue. If you have no experience in gardening or applying some techniques, it’s quite normal to have a few unfortunate events. In that case, make sure you know the helpful steps on fixing the harmed branches before further damaging them.

For a starter, you will need duct tape or any strong tape that will suffice. Like performing simple bandaging, you will do the same with the duct tape, except you will wrap it around the torn-up branch. If you feel it’s not enough, you may tie it to the nearest branch so it would provide support to the broken stem.

Within a week, you should already be able to remove the bandages. But if not, and it might still look unhealed, you can wait for another week. As the stem heals, big knots will start to appear, especially around spots that you accidentally damaged. However, you shouldn’t feel bothered by this because it’s a normal response, which is quite beneficial.


You might ask yourselves a series of questions after finding out that super cropping is a risky but highly beneficial technique. If you think you can commit to extra work, you can do the super cropping regardless if you’re inexperienced or not. In super cropping, you will win a lot. Therefore, it’s a must-try for growers.

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