Sunwest Genetics Reviews

Sunwest Genetics Reviews

If you live in Canada then consider yourself very lucky as it’s very easy to order cannabis seeds online and from local retail outlets. But not all seed banks are created equally; some offer good service while others will go much more in providing high-value marijuana seeds. One of the standouts in the Canadian cannabis industry is Sunwest Genetics. This review will find out why.

Sunwest Genetics Reputation

There are mixed reviews online when it comes to Sunwest Genetics. All these must be carefully considered to make sure that this seed bank is the ideal one for your needs.


  • This has a wide variety of organic cannabis seeds. Organic strains guarantee better results
  • This has 500+ high quality strains to choose from. All of these strains may be grown at home.
  • This ships seeds all over the world. Orders shipped right away.
  • This offer better and reliable delivery methods. You may use regular shipment or express shipping
  • There are timely cannabis growing guides and information.
  • There are specialized cannabis strains recommendations per region, state, or country to improve your skills.
  • Good customer service experience.
  • You can share your growing experiences at Sunwest’s social media grow page


  • There is no actual retail store.
  • Cash by mail and bank transfers are not accepted.
  • Only a few cannabis seed promos and deals available.

Sunwest Genetics Seeds Selection

Sunwest Genetics reveals that they have a tedious cannabis seeds selection process. They hand-pick their seeds and make sure that they sell the best high quality seeds like feminized seeds on their website.

You can use Sunwest Genetics to easily find the marijuana seeds you’ve been looking forward to cultivating. Their products are classified according to the type of marijuana strains therefore, you won’t get lost as you shop. Currently, the following seeds are available at Sunwest Genetics.

Available marijuana seeds

  • Autoflowering strains
  • Auto feminized seeds
  • Feminized seed strain
  • Regular seed strain
  • CBD seeds or medical seeds
  • Best-sellers such as Haze, Cheese, Blueberry, Purple, and Cookies strains.

You can buy these seeds anytime through their website and have these delivered no matter where you’re located locally or abroad. They ship all over the world.

Also, this is partner with breeders in Canada and all over the world. This ensures that all their products are the best whether you want to grow strains to use for recreational or medicinal cannabis. Thanks to these reliable breeders, this business is able to maintain their products.

Product Quality

Despite new companies, Sunwest is able to keep the freshness and viability of their products. Products are kept inside quality packaging; this packaging is waterproof and tamper-proof and will survive their long journey to your location. Another way that Sunwest is able to keep their seeds in their best form is by creating a simple germination method. This should be followed closely to ensure that the seeds will sprout at the best time.

Also, because Sunwest ships their orders fast, you can be assured of the quality of their products. According to their site, Express Registered Shipping delivery takes only 5 to 7 days in North America and from 7 to 14 days to anywhere around the world.

Shopping Experience

Sunwest Genetics promos and special offers

As per writing, this seed bank has only two special promos and discounts for 2021: the free seeds promo for orders of $420 and higher and free deliveries for orders of $200 and higher. These promos are for all types of seeds so when you buy cookies strains, medical seeds, or any kind of seeds, you will still qualify.

There is no information if these promos will extend the next years to come but we recommend that you use these today to save a lot of money when you buy your supply.

Sunwest Genetics customer service

Sunwest Genetics has different ways to handle your concerns. If you want to contact the company or you need to get help with your orders, you may call their phone number or send an email. See their email address found on their contacts and home page. You can also use their chat service. This is the most effective way to contact customer service.

Sunwest Genetics payments and shipping

If you want to check the payment methods accepted by Sunwest Genetics, you must search their site. Search through their FAQ page as you can’t locate this information from their menu or home page. The company only accept easy payment options including credit cards, wire transfers (for Canadians), and cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

You can’t pay using cash and pay via check. If you want to use other payment methods or you need any help with payment, contact customer service for instructions. You may contact via phone, chat, or email. Their email address is found on their contacts page.

Final Words

To summarize, Sunwest Genetics s a highly-trusted site that keeps its promise of delivering great products. This seed bank ships worldwide and accept different kinds of payment. There are some negative things about Sunwest and one of them is their lack of current offers but despite this, it is still a good site to get cannabis seeds from. Hopefully, they will have new promos and offers in the future.

The cannabis industry is alive in Canada but only a few marijuana seed sites live up to providing a great buying experience. See for yourself, order your supply now at Sunwest Genetics, and don’t forget to share your growing experience.