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Soil as Medium for Growing Cannabis Plants

Soil as Medium for Growing Cannabis Plants

Soil is one of the most common mediums used for growing cannabis plants because of its accessibility and affordability. You can even plant marijuana directly in the ground if you decide to grow outdoors. In an outdoor cultivation, choose a spot where there are annual crops or other fast-growing plants. This is one way of checking that the soil is nutrient-rich. Choosing the location where to grow weed plants and the selection of the right type of soil is very essential if you are aiming for an abundant yield.

Growing marijuana in a soil medium will benefit you of an abundant harvest if the medium is supplemented with the right type and amount of primary and secondary nutrients. Some experienced pot growers are making their own mixtures containing nutrients, organic and absorptive materials that can help hasten the growth of cannabis plants. But for those who are newbies in weed growing, a commercial potting soil as medium is a good way to start your project.

The best commercial potting soil is usually composed of a mixture of compost, buried dead fish carcasses, bat guano, peat moss, worm castings, seaweed, perlite and hydrated lime. Chicken manures can also be added to the medium but manures can burn your plants so it is recommended that they should be composted first before use. When these substances are present in the grow medium, additional nutrients may not be necessary for the first few weeks of the cannabis’ growth. The medium should contain all the important primary nutrients- nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus.

New weed growers and experts alike can go with organic soil medium mixed with nutrients and other materials that can help prevent suffocation or drowning of the roots. To promote good aeration for the roots and to increase the medium’s drainage capacity, you may add sand, perlite or vermiculite.

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