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Smart Pots vs Plastic Pots: Which is Better for Growing Marijuana?

Growing Marijuana doesn’t stop at supplying supplements and materials that will entirely enrich the crop. In fact, growers are finding it challenging to juggle the necessary equipment to grow marijuana plants and, at the same time, make some changes to ensure that their patience and hard work won’t go to waste.

In this discussion, you will find out which option is better for growing marijuana. Are you better off with smart pots or plastic pots? Here, you will know which is recommendable on smart pots vs plastic pots. Alongside is the idea that perhaps, you will need to exert physical effort rather than purchasing supplies?

Why does pots matter anyway?

Like people living in this environment, you must know where to put your cannabis plants. These living creatures will depend on their whole existence on a location that will suffice for their needs. In a conventional approach of gardening, pots are usually the go-to essentials of growers. In return, they became different in all forms to impress cultivators and improve the cannabis plant’s container.

The pot that you will choose shall be adequate in terms of bringing a healthy dwelling for the development of the roots. Most of the time, pots aren’t equal when it comes to supplying the roots, so growers will have to anchor their innovations to make it happen. Because of that, you should be able to consider what features of pot are present and what you will need the most.

What should you look for in choosing pots?

Maintaining healthy roots will allow growers to witness their plants evolving into majestic living creatures. Aside from keeping the nurturing plant alive, healthy roots will also serve as a web of opportunities for growers who participate in marketing. Thus, it should really be considered when looking for pots. With that, here are some factors that you will have to look out for, especially if you’re new to using pots.

Drainage System

We are no longer foreign to the idea that plants need water to live. Otherwise, they will end up being dried up and soon will succumb to its death. Still, the excessive outpouring of water is also too much and may kill the plant through root rot. Because of that, make sure that the pot can retain the waiter for as long as the plant needs it.


This factor doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have to check the airflow and humidity. Instead, pick a pot that can facilitate the proper exchange of oxygen so the roots will have the supply to develop until the harvesting period fully. Some containers will visibly drill holes or another way of perforation to make it breathable.


There are cases where pots can be water-absorbent but not nutrient-absorbent. This happens when the material used for the container slowly dissolve the solution instead of retaining it. So, watch out for those materials. Besides that, nutrient-absorbent ones are the sole reason as to why there’s a pH balance and such.


Among all, this factor has to be the most important because roots are known to branch out extensively. So, if there were no room for these extended branches, chances are rootbound may take place. Rootbound will have no mercy in choking the life out of your plant.

After knowing these important factors, you may now proceed to find out which types of pots are out there. As mentioned, it would be best if you will choose what’s suitable for the gardening approach that you will be taking but the plant’s whole being.

Smart Pots vs Plastic Pots: Which is Better for Growing Marijuana?

Plastic pots are what they call the regular pots, which means they are found in standard marijuana stores and are the most typical bought containers, especially those using the traditional approach. Plastic pots often have holes at the bottom, a perfect drainage system, and a saucer-like object that will catch the water.

What’s good about plastic pots is that they already surpassed the trial and method, which means that they can already be used on the spot. Thus, growers find it easier to incline towards the traditional approach in gardening because of the materials.

On the other hand, plastic plots are the most popular selection because there are suitable prices that fit most growers’ allocated budget. Moreover, they are capable of providing and offering the best quality you could ever ask for. For a more expounded explanation, here are the pros and cons of plastic pots.


  • The price will not go beyond your expected cost for marijuana pots.
  • It has a perfect drainage system, and the holes can be multiplied to improve it better than it had been.
  • Transferring from one pot to another is easier due to its holes that make things easier to facilitate.


  • The rise of temperature is inevitable, and the built may not be able to protect the root systems, so growers would have to provide something to uplift this factor.
  • Since it’s made up of plastic, you have to expect that the material will not last for a long time. Thus, it can create damage and a number of creaks before the harvesting period,
  • The constricted design of the plastic pot will prohibit better airflow. Hence, it will encourage growers to pick a better growth medium.

Smart Pots is an innovative container in gardening and has become the best alternative from plastic pots. The best thing about smart pots is that they are made out of fabric and can result in new growth to take place and may even help develop the root well. Here are the pros and cons of Smart Pots.


  • Upholds the root’s density, which leads to healthy roots and, in return, can promote healthy crops.
  • Promotes proper airflow to the entire root system.
  • The drainage is perfectly-made for commercial purposes.


  • The maintenance has to be observed all the time because smart pots are made up of fabrics, the water can no longer be retained. So, in this case, you will have to use bigger pots.
  • Smart pots are usually flimsy, which makes it weak for employing a support system.

In conclusion

Though it’s a matter of preference, it would be best to be practical and find the most modernized and updated marijuana pot. So if you’re figuring out which is better between smart pots vs plastic pots, it would be up to your decision to do so. However, it is beyond recommendable to use the smart pots based on the collected pros and cons it has.

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