Sin City Seeds Review: For the Love of Cannabis Breeding in the Heart of Las Vegas

Do you also have one of those friends who has been bragging about his Sin City Seeds’ crops?

Or maybe you have just stumbled across one of the partner sites where the Sin City team features their fine-bred hybrids?

Whatever the case, let us show you around and save you some time with our Sin City Seeds review.

Sin City Company has over 17 years experience with cannabis cultivation and up-to-date, they have bred over 200 unique strain varieties of their own.

The company’s team is based in the U.S and they used to remain underground for a long period before finally, they could share their amazing seeds with the world.

Apart from cannabis breeding, the company has an in-depth knowledge of natural breeding techniques and a passion for increasing the medical value of the green medication.

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Best Features of Sin City Seeds

– you can lay your hands on seeds straight by the small-scale breeders

– focus on quality over quantity

– high yields

Shipping Information

Worldwide shipping is available by most of the well-reputed partner sites.

Seed Selections

You will find seeds in different packs, varying on what the partner sites where Sin City Seeds breeders choose to cooperate with.

Both Regular and Feminized seeds are available with a different ratio of Indica to Sativa genetics.

Customer Service

You can contact the breeders’ team at any time via email at

Website Functionality

Sin City Seeds’ personal website is still under construction. Up-to-date you can find only an About Us page with the main information about the breeders.

The functionality of the partner websites varies from one to another but in general, we found it effortless to navigate through most of them.

Pricing and Payment Methods

Most partner sites where you can find Sin City Seeds’ available ensure stealthy and discreet worldwide shipping.

However, always make sure you read fully the terms and conditions provided by each of Sin City Seeds’ partners regarding shipping and delivery options.

What we like about Sin City Seeds

– lots of positive feedbacks by happy Sin City Seeds’ cultivators

– excellent and sturdy genetics of the hybrids created by Sin City Seeds’ breeders team

– the company has an active social media account in Facebook

What we don’t like about Sin City Seeds

– it’s a pity Sin City Seeds’ website is still under construction

Our Verdict

In a nutshell, it would be a sin to miss out on the joy of growing your next crops with some of Sin City Seeds’ excellent hybrids selection.

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