Seedsman Review

Seedsman Review – Reliable Information for Growers

This company is popular for selling cannabis seeds. This endeavor started way back in the year 2003. This is even dubbed as the most credible and reliable source for seed banks all over the entire world. The company has evolved to be relevant for the last couple of decades. This occurs as they sell out cannabis seed brands called Seedsman.

There are also 1,500 strains available. These originated from the 65 seedbanks coming from every corner of the globe. This page is also popular for it comes with a comprehensive library that features cannabis seeds in the world. There is a diverse range being offered. This is related to goods that everyone may enjoy. The mentioned may be in the form of clothing, books, and products.

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Seedsman is preferred because it takes great pride in its customer service. There should also be an expectation to receive a particular reply from emails sent. This may occur in just 24 hours. The provider may also be given a ring just in case there is a need for it. This takes place, however; weekends will serve as an exemption. Questions are being entertained all the time as well. If there are queries about the order, they would be answered right away. It is known as a fact that cannabis seeds were able to sell in other countries out there.


Pricing might not be that cheap with Seedsman but you can get some freebies with your order and some promo if you are a loyal customer.


There are so many reasons why one should consider purchasing from Seedsman. For instance, it comes with easy shipping. It is not just that, the company has worldwide access so everyone is given the chance to order from one place to another. Seedsman can always send packages whenever and wherever the client prefers. This may be done in record times with the use of discreet stealth packaging.

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Payment Methods and Pricing

As for the options in payment, there are a number of choices that customers may ponder upon. This may include anonymous options including Bank Transfers, Bitcoins, Debit and Credits. Check their catalogue to know the prices of their products.

Just remember that in the payment information, there are generous discounts offered from time to time. These may be observed through Cryptocurrencies like Potcoin and Bitcoin, Bank Transfer and as well as cash. As for bank transfers, they can be accepted in Euros of course. This is made possible with the presence of the Spanish bank account of the agency. This is applicable for those who are based in UK or even outside EC. There are bank details provided anyway. These may be true for checking out. In this, it has to be ensured that order number is included. This is needed in making the transfer.

Customer Feedbacks and Reviews

“I received my package yesterday. I love the socks. And everyone loves stickers. Awesome package. Thanks for the great customer service! That is why seedsman is my first choice in seeds.”

– Will, Jan 15

“I must admit I was a little nervous ordering seed off the Internet but I’m very impressed seven days from placing my order and my seats of arrived at my home in the United States The stealth packaging was awesome I will definitely be a return customer.”

– Bryan, Jan 15

Final Verdict

For beginners, there is no need to worry because there is a guarantee of reliable customer support coming from this website. This can hold at least a 97% satisfaction rate for every customer out there who aims to respond to query asked every now and then. This is the most ideal thing to have when a problem arises in the future.

Loyalty programs are also meant for avid customers who continue to support the agency. The company is aware of how deserving loyal clients are. This is the main reason why it is being worked out for them to be given the right freebies that they deserve. This cannabis seed supplier is indeed the most supportive.

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