Sativa Bags Review

Sativa Bags is not a seed bank but a site that sells hemp bags. Hemp is a variety of the Cannabis sativa plant and is used for industrial uses which include making fabric, ropes, textiles, and bags. Sativa Bags also sells products like body care kits and accessories. Although hemp comes from Sativa plants, it has very low THC and thus is used for industrial purposes instead.

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Best Features of Sativa Bags

Shipping Information

Sativa Bags is one of the seed banks that ship to USA and even to any customer around the world. Shipping fees vary depending on where you are located and what shipping method you chose.

Seed Selections

There are no seeds purchased here. You can buy products like hemp backpacks, briefcases, laptop bags, crossbody bags, shopper bags, shoulder bags, wallets, clothing, hats, body care and food.

Customer Service

This hemp webstore may be contacted by phone from 10 am to 5:30 pm Monday to Friday or through email. You may also send a letter to inquire about their products at their headquarters in London, UK.

Website Functionality

The Sativa Bags website is impressive. It provides information about their different products as well as info about hemp and why it is a good material to use for many industrial purposes.

Pricing and Payment Methods

Sativa Bags accept a wide variety of payment options including major credit cards, debit cards, personal cheques and bank or money transfer.

What we like about Sativa Bags?

Sativa Bags give hemp a brand new cause. It makes very creative and efficient products out of a very simple and often taken for granted material. It has a wide array of products too so it’s no doubt that it has grown very popular.

What we don’t like about Sativa Bags?

This company does not sell cannabis seeds or headgear. It does not promote the use of marijuana as well.

Our Verdict

Overall, hemp bags or any product made from hemp is a very good idea. It is a wonderful way to showcase the versatility of cannabis plants as well. As expected, this kind of site does not sell cannabis seeds or it is related to using marijuana at all.

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