Sannies Shop Seeds Review

Sannies Shop Seeds Review

When it comes to cannabis seeds Sannies Shop Seeds offer more than just seeds. You also get expert advice on how to grow and how to flower different seed strains that they offer. Sannies offer a variety of weed seeds courtesy of top breeders and growers. It also gives you organic seeds together with their regular and feminized seeds. This Sannies Shop Seeds review will help you determine if this online seeds shop is for you.

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Best Features of Sannies Shop Seeds

Shipping Information

Sannies ship their products online. If you are looking for seed banks that ship to USA, Sannies Shop could be of great help. Shipping or delivery costs depend on the type of delivery service you are using and the area where you are located.

Seed Selections

There are a variety of seeds available although not as many as seed varieties from top seedbanks. You can purchase feminized and regular seeds here as well.

Customer Service

The only way to contact Sannies Shop Seeds is through their customer contact page. This is where you can check on an order (you must have the order number ready); inquire on any product and to check product availability.

Website Functionality

Sannies website is a bit complicated to navigate. There are no actual tabs where you can easily check for contact details and for checking their products.

Pricing and Payment Methods

Sannies Shop Seeds accepts credit card payments, cash, bank transfers or wire transfers, and also Bitcoin payments.

What we like about Sannies Shop Seeds?

Sannies Shop Seeds has a number of top seeds strains plus growing information that’s perfect for any novice grower. It also supports organic growing. It has a variety of popular payment options as well.

What we don’t like about Sannies Shop Seeds?

This company has limited contact information and its site needs a good upgrade. There should be more ways for customers to contact the company and an improved way to showcase their products.

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Our Verdict

Sannies Shop Seeds offer the best cannabis seeds strains as well as information on growing and cultivating cannabis. However, it needs to update its site, improve its contact information, and to increase its product line to be able to attract more customers especially first-time growers.

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