Rooting Cannabis Clones

Rooting Cannabis Clones

The process of cloning is done to get the exact characteristics of the mother plant. Some marijuana growers start to grow from marijuana cuttings for an early harvest because the germination stage is skipped while others do cloning to have a pot garden with all female plants. Aside from participating in forums and reading several cannabis websites, buying a growing marijuana eBook will provide you with more detailed information about pot-growing and you will be presented with various ways on how to clone cannabis plants and how to make them establish faster and stronger root system.

How to Root Marijuana Cuttings- Things Required

Marijuana cuttings are expected to root approximately from 6 days up to 2 weeks. In order to root, the clones need moisture around the roots and they should be placed in an area with high humidity to avoid drying of the leaves. Supply only a minimum light to stimulate rooting of weed clones because light prompts certain action of hormones.

Different Methods of Rooting Cannabis Clones

Using an aeroponic marijuana cloner

This is best if you want to root several cannabis clones all at the same time. An aeroponic cloner needs an air pump, waterproof tub, water pump, and PVC plumbing to promote fast rooting and neoprene collars to properly hold the cuttings.

Simple layering

This method will only work for low Long Branch and if you are growing cannabis in the soil. This is done by making a small shallow hole on the soil just half the length from the main stem to the branch. Scrape the outer part of the stem to be covered up with soil and apply a rooting powder or gel. With this method, you can expect the cuttings to root after 2 weeks or more.

Air layering

In this type of method, choose a healthy branch from your favorite pot strain and gently scrape the stem around 3 nodes from the growing tip and apply rooting gel or powder and wrap with clean cotton fabric or a small piece of Rockwool.  Soak the wrapping in plain water and to prevent drying out and cover it with plastic. Tie it to the branch and make sure it won’t slip. Expect the growth of new roots on the stem wrapped. This time, you can already obtain the marijuana clones from the mother plant.

Rooting cannabis clones can be done using several methods and with the aid of a rooting medium. To get more detailed information on how to do it, you may buy growing marijuana eBook.

If you buy a growing marijuana eBook, you will be presented with helpful tips, methods, and guides on how to root marijuana clones. By following the guidelines and tips provided in the eBook, in the next few days or weeks, your clones will develop their own roots.