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Reasons Why Germinating Cannabis Seeds in Soil is Hard

Germinating the marijuana seeds properly is an important part of the success of cannabis cultivation. There are different ways to germinate pot seeds. Choose a simple process that can work well too. Aside from the paper towel method, cannabis seeds can also be germinated in soil.

Some pot growers claimed to have a high percentage of germination using the soil as a medium. Cannabis seedling will start to break out from the soil after 48 hours or so. This method of seed germination is also accompanied by some risks. Some pot seeds may not germinate.

The following are some of the reasons that can stop marijuana seeds from germinating in a soil medium:

The soil is too hot. When the temperature is high, seeds or seedlings can be injured because of excessive soil drying.

The soil is too cold. When the temperature is very cold, it can prevent the seeds from germinating and can even kill the marijuana seedlings. Seeds or seedlings can also be infected with soil diseases when the temperature is cool.

The soil is too wet. Do not wet the soil during germination. Just keep it moist and make sure that soil is properly drained to avoid soil fungus diseases. Keep the soil medium aerated by adding perlite.

The soil is too dry. It is very important that you keep the soil damp for easy and fast germination. Never let the soil dry out and to prevent it from happening, cover the containers with glass.

The soil is firm. This will not permit seed germination because firm soil will prevent the oxygen to get into the pot seeds. The soil drainage will not also be good.

There is fungus in the soil. See to it that the containers you will use to contain the soil are clean. To ensure excellent germination rate, use a sterilized potting mix. Do not overwater and maintain good draining properties of the medium to prevent fungus growth.

Planting the marijuana seeds too deep. It can result in the delay of seedlings emergence. Just plant the seeds ½ or 1 inch below the soil to get the best results.

Planting the marijuana seeds to shallow. This can result in the excessive drying of the weed seeds.

To make pot growing successfully, start right by germinating the seeds properly. Germinate seeds that are mature enough. Choose dark brown seeds and not the light colored marijuana seeds. Take note of the reasons why seeds will not germinate in the soil. Avoid all of these and you will surely get 100% germination rate of pot seeds in soil.

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