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Proper level of Humidity and Temperature in an Indoor Marijuana Grow Room

Cannabis plants can grow very well in a room that is well- ventilated. Control the humidity level and temperature in the grow room for the proper and fast growth of marijuana plants. Ventilate the grow room area by allowing the air in. Improper level of humidity and temperature will cause stress on marijuana plants, resulting in stunted growth and poor yield.

What level of temperature and humidity should be maintained in the grow room area?

1. About 50% to 60% level of humidity is best until the last two weeks of flowering. High level of humidity before the end of the flowering time helps in lessening the level of salt within the tissues of the marijuana plants, resulting to healthy, fast and more productive growth.

2. Keep the night temperature at 60 degrees to prevent stressing the weed plants indoors. Drop the night temperature with 10 to 20 degrees Celsius during the flowering phase to prevent further branching and for the reduction of stem elongation. Reducing the night temperature in the indoor grow room will help stimulate the hormones that will trigger the flowering time.

3. Maintain 70 to 80 degrees without CO2 during daytime and 80 to 90 degrees with CO2 until the last 2 weeks of flowering.

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Once the flowering time has already started, it is good to reduce the temperature level since it can help in promoting further production of buds even if growth speed is reduced. Low level of temperature during nighttime is okay but do not let the temperature go down in the middle of 50 degrees because it will cause stress and even kill your weed plants if the temperature will go as low as 40 degrees. Keep the roots warm and if you put your container in a cold floor and you think that the ground is cooling the pots, elevate the pots to keep the temperature at the right level.

Take note also that when the level of temperature is high, the air will hold more water which will then result in the decrease in humidity level. A high temperature in the grow room area will invite molds to thrive in. High humidity level is also not good for the cannabis plants not unless you are still germinating your pot seeds. Maintain a low level of humidity in the indoor grow room as this will help the marijuana plants in transpiring carbon dioxide, resulting to a reduced risk that your plants will be stricken with molds during the budding period.

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