Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy and Disclaimer.

At Growing Marijuana Tips, our customers’ privacy is very important. This is why we do our very best to protect your privacy and safety as you use our website to purchase seed supplies. We completely understand the current market trends and therefore, your privacy and safety come first in our every decision.

The different types of information we get from our customers

In order to provide the best service and to offer the most significant offers and deals, we need to collect the following information from you. Please take note that we use the most updated technologies to safeguard all the information that you entrust to us.

Log Files

We collect all kinds of files such as usernames and passwords. The information included in these files such as IP addresses, ISP, and the browser used to visit our site. Aside from these, we also note when you visited our website as well as the pages that you checked out.

Cookies and Web Beacons

We utilize cookies to keep information including your preferred settings and products as you check out our website. We remind visitors when we collect information by a pop-up as soon as you land on our main page. Information is also collected through forums where you interact with other members. This is one of our many features where we collect different information.

There are third-party advertisements featured on our site. These also companies support Growing Marijuana Tips.

These advertisers may utilize certain technologies including web beacons and cookies as they use our site to advertise their products. We may also send these companies some information about our visitors and customers including ISP or provider, IP addresses, and the type of browser utilized. Also, we may also send information if you have the latest Flash Player installed.

These pieces of information are mostly used for targeted ads and special offers. We want our customers to find products and offers that appeal to them.   

If you don’t want to use cookies or other third-party technology to track your usage, you may turn this off anytime through your browser settings. You can also use Norton Internet Security to manage these as well.

However, there are some disadvantages of disabling cookies in your browser. You might not be able to use our site’s many functions including logging ins, joining forums, submitting reviews, and accessing programs, deals, and discounts. But you may still check out our growing guides, strain information, and other important information regarding cannabis cultivation.


Growing Marijuana Tips, we commit to providing you quality content and products. We advertise products on our site which we have checked out personally or have had people we trust review for us. Please be advised that we may receive a small commission from these ads.

We recommend that you consult a medical professional if you want to use medical marijuana for any health condition or ailment. Any growing decision must also be consulted with a professional and experienced grower for sound advice.

Consider local laws when deciding on cannabis growing. Laws regarding marijuana use, purchase, and growing vary from region to region and should be referred to local authorities beforehand.

Be safe and responsible when growing cannabis at home.