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PC Grow Box Making Made Easy

You may have heard about cannabis growers cultivating plants inside growing cabinets, closets, or tents. But have you heard about using a PC tower? Indeed, who would suspect that you’re growing cannabis inside a PC grow box? Let us help you evade family members, grow your supply inside the most unlikely place: your computer CPU tower.

How to start making a PC grow box

To start this project, you must have an old PC tower that you don’t use at all. Most PC towers are as tall as 18 inches and the width can be around 6 inches, more or less.  You need to open the PC case and remove all the components inside. You must be careful especially if the inside of the case is already old and rusty.

Now that the PC case is wide open, you may now see how large the area is and imagine how to fit different components of your grow box. Also, you must consider growing very small strains only. You might want to check out autoflowering cannabis strains as these plants are often very small growing only up to 40 cm tall. This is the perfect size for a plant to grow inside a PC grow box.

Why grow cannabis inside a PC growing box?

So before we proceed with actually growing cannabis inside a PC growing box, let us highlight the many great reasons why you should start this growing activity.

You can hide your cannabis plants better inside a PC grow box or boxes.

No one would suspect you’re growing cannabis inside a PC case! You can hide a PC case anywhere in your home, garage, storage area, attic, or basement. Just make sure no one suspects and no one will use the PC case you transformed into a cannabis growing box.

You can grow your medicinal cannabis inside this small space

You don’t need a large area to grow medical cannabis. You can use a PC grow box to grow your medical weed supply and get relief for your conditions at any time.

You can care for finicky plants inside a PC grow box

Indoor growing and grow box growing lets you monitor your plants better especially when you’re cultivating finicky plants.

You can save space, time, money, and effort when you grow in a small space

A large growing space is very costly to maintain whereas a small space like a PC grow box will let you grow cannabis minus any worries about space, time, effort, and money.  A small space is also easier to clean and maintain and is less likely to be a target of pests and molds.

What you’ll need

Here’s what you need to start growing cannabis inside a PC grow box

  • A clean and sanitized PC tower case
  • LED lamp and reflectors
  • 2 PC fans
  • Wiring
  • Cannabis plant or seeds


Clean the inside of the PC tower case

Remove all the components inside the case including wires, lights, fans, switches, drives, and the motherboard. Free up the room as much as possible. Most PC tower cases have a section for the power supply which is usually a rack-type section. You can use this to hold your lighting and fan. When you’re done removing all the components, wipe the area clean using water and soap. Check the interior part of the case for rust, corrosion, molds, mildew, or any litter. Everything must be clean and tidy as much as possible.

Make sure that all the sides of the case/box are properly sealed and covered

Ensure that the sides, top, and bottom of the case is sealed and properly covered. The light must not escape from the box as you need to keep light reflected in the plant. Use packaging tape or duct tape to seal everything.

Install the fans

One fan must blow fresh and cool air into the case while another one removes stale and old air out. Make sure that you keep all electrical cords out of the way and neatly secured all the time.

Install the LED lamps and reflectors

Place the LED lamps inside. You may need two lamps to fully illuminate your plants and reflectors to ensure that all the light reflects your plant.

Place the cannabis plant in

When all the electrical connections are in, it’s time to place your plant inside the box. Use a small box or piece of wood to place the container higher or nearer the light source. You can always remove the wooden piece as your plant grows taller.

Decorate the external part of the case to make it look like a regular PC case

You want to stealthily grow your plants so do all you can to avoid suspicion. You can connect a mouse, a keyboard, or add lights.

Tips on how to maintain your cannabis inside a PC grow box

The following tips should help you grow a healthy, high-yielding cannabis plant inside a PC grow box.

Go for dwarf or mini strains

Dwarf strains are the best so you don’t need to control your plant’s size and growth. There are many dwarf cannabis strains available online.

Consider autoflowering cannabis strains

Autoflowering cannabis strains are small and will flower quicker compared to other cannabis. Autoflowering strains are also available in recreational, medicinal, high CBD, and high THC strains. 

Monitor the temperature and humidity levels indoors

Always check the grow box temperature and humidity levels as these can easily go way above the allowed levels in a small growing area. If you overlook this, you will end up ruining your plants’ growth and development.

Feed your plants correct plant food and water correctly

Consider the right type of food according to your plant’s growth stage. This is because vegging plants require a different set of nutrients compared to flowering plants.

A PC grow box is a convenient way to grow cannabis secretly indoors. If you live in an area or region where cannabis growing is not permitted or is illegal, a grow box maybe your best alternative.

For more useful cannabis maintenance tips, grab a copy of the best-selling marijuana grow book in the market!

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