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How to Make Your Own Organic Soil for Cannabis

Cannabis plants grow well in almost all conditions; in warm or cold climates, in soil, and in hydro. But successful cannabis growers are not just after cultivating cannabis but also producing the best yield. This is why more and more growers prefer to use organic soil for cannabis.

Expert growers augment soil to make organic soil or “super soil” rather than just using regular store-bought growing soil. Super soil is known as the best soil for growing cannabis. This kind of soil started after a marijuana grower provided instructions on how to make composted soil. The famed grower mentioned that this soil has all your plants need at the right time. There’s also no need to manage soil pH or any kind of additional nutrients.

Since the grower released this recipe for super soil, more and more organic growers all over the world are using this special recipe. This step by step instructional also claims to help you grow the best quality organic weed.

Why use organic soil for cannabis?

With organic soil, you can create an organic medium that comes with correct amounts of nutrients to benefit cannabis plants. With super soil, you spend less time checking soil and root pH and adding nutrients. You can focus on other aspects of cannabis plant growth.

Organic soil is also cost-effective as you don’t need to buy expensive cannabis plant nutrients anymore. It is very easy and takes minimal effort to grow high-quality cannabis plants in organic soil. All you need to do is to water your plants, sit back, and watch these grow. There is no need to add more nutrients, use chemicals, and manage pH that usually complicates cannabis growing. Organic soil is very easy to use and will produce impressive-quality buds.

With organic super soil, you are making an environment that can make cannabis grow similar to weed in the wild. This is living soil that has similar qualities to fertile soil found in nature.

With organic soil, you’ll grow cannabis without too much work. Also, growers agree that there is an improvement in taste, smell, and smoothness in the buds when you use organic soil. Also, organic soil works best for indoor or outdoor growing areas.

You can make super soil using ordinary organic components. These must be naturally broken down to mimic closely the best and the richest type of soil available in nature.

Disadvantages of using super soil

As with all products used for growing cannabis, there are also some disadvantages of using organic soil. Consider these before you use organic soil

Organic cannabis soil can be very expensive and are best for bigger growing areas. This is very expensive as this a lot of soil in one go. You also need to plan your grow very well and when to start sowing your seeds as composting can take from 30 to 60 days to complete. Also mixing, augmenting, and composting can take a lot of effort and so much time.

Some reports using super soil can slow down growth compared to growing cannabis in liquid nutrients. All the growing nutrients are provided in the best amounts with help from bacteria and other micronutrients in the soil.

How to make organic soil?

Try making your own organic soil for cannabis at home and see how much it benefits your plants. You need the following to make super soil

  • Mixing container  – this should be a larger container that can hold as much as 110 pounds of soil
  • Small shovel or rake
  • Large trash bags or tarp – this will keep the soil covered while it’s still cooking 
  • 6 packs Roots Organic Soil (10 gallons per pack)
  • 2 packs of Biobizz Light-Mix (35 pounds per pack)
  • 2 packs of Organic Earthworm Castings (15 pounds per pack)
  • Fish Bone Meal – a box with 3-16-0 or 3-15-0
  • Dolomite Lime – one box
  • Azomite – half a cup
  • 1 pack of Happy Frog Bat Guano (4 pounds)
  • Epsom Salt – ¾ cup
  • Perlite
  • Optional live worms


1) Prepare all the materials you will need

You’ll be mixing a lot of soil and thus, it’s best to keep everything within reach before you start. If you’re preparing your organic soil later, store all the ingredients in a safe and dry area. Open the bags only when you’re about to prepare the soil.

2) Place a large tarp on level ground

Choose a nice level spot away from rain, moist and from people. You will be mixing soil here so you should be in a spot away from traffic.

3) Add the ingredients in a layered manner

Start with Roots Organic Soil; open two bags and place the content all over the tarp. Add the different ingredients layer by layer. Since the fishbone meal is stinky, we recommend adding this first. Prepare every ingredient layer after layer before you mix.

4) Mix everything with the rake or shovel

Add the next two bags of Roots Organic Soil before you mix in more ingredients. Finish with the final two bags of Roots Organic Soil. Azomite, Dolomite, and Perlite may be sprinkled all over the mix.

5) Mix this pile gently until you can’t see any color, just uniform soil color, and texture

Mix the organic soil pile over a week. During the nighttime, cover the soil with a large tarp.

6) Wrap the soil in tarp or garbage plastic and keep it

After a week, divide the organic soil into smaller portions, enough to fill a garbage bag or can. This new organic soil is ready to cook.

7) Add water

As the organic soil is inside the bags, add water in small amounts until you get a moist mixture. The mixture must be kept moist but not soggy. Keep this in a sunny place. Once a day, open the bag or trash can and use a shovel to mix the ingredients.

Your DIY organic soil for cannabis will be ready in 30 to 60 days. To use this homemade mix, use it like you would regular soil. With this kind of soil, there’s no need to add nutrients or use fertilizer.

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