Nirvana Shop Reviews

Nirvana Shop Reviews – Is this Company Worth your Money?

A lot of cannabis connoisseurs are very much fascinated about the name of this company as its mere name alone is indeed inviting for the many cannabis users and growers. As rich and entertaining as the name, Nirvana, implies, there is also much to be know about the very history of its existence.

All great companies such as the Nirvana shop emanate from its founder. In this case, the Nirvana shop came to existence in the late 1980s as society is nearing the dawn of the age of the 90s. The name of the founder is Mau and given the fact that he has previously worked in Positronics, which is one of the best cannabis shop found in Amsterdam, he was able to make use of his knowledge and skills and made his way in being able to start a new business and that is the Nirvana Shop that we have right now.

He actually spent a lot of years travelling so that he would be able to grab hold of the best cannabis seeds and the best pots all over the world. These gatherings of first hand data made the Nirvana shop a very authentic shop in which one would be able to buy high class weed.

One would be rest assured that based on the many knowledge, skills, and expertise of Mau, such a shop like the Nirvana Shop would definitely exude a great amount of variety and expertise when it comes to showing off what it has to its cannabis users and buyers.

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It provides the best pot seeds ever

A lot of people might be a bit hesitant especially if they will be buying some marijuana seeds online. However, if one would be choosing from the Nirvana Shop, one would be given a good range and quality of high-class cannabis seeds at its very finest.

It has great customer service

While a lot of people right now are suffering from poor quality service, one should provide a good point for the Nirvana Shop as its customer service department is very much keen on providing great service.

It offers stealthy shipping

If you are worried about whether other people would find out of your shipping, not to worry because the Nirvana shop provides the best way to pack your shipment and arrive at your door without anyone ever suspecting.


They sell expensive seeds

Some people might be worried as they would be purchasing a lot more than they have saved for. But perhaps that is the price they have to pay for quality seeds.

Some shipments don’t arrive at the destination

There have been a couple of complaints by users who claim that their shipment has not yet arrived especially if they have purchased from the Nirvana Shop.

Non-delivery of items was noted

Some complaints have been made as to nonreceipt of the goods paid and ordered. This can be very much a letdown especially if you are a newbie buying pot online.


If you are in the European area, expect that one would be able to receive your package within 2 weeks including 4 days handling fee and about 3 weeks if you are planning to ask for an inquiry of the shipment. If you are in the United States, it should take 3 weeks for it to arrive and if you belong from the rest of the world, you would have to expect it for about 4 weeks.

For customers living in the USA, ordering weed seeds has been made easy for you with Growing Marijuana Tips!

Payment Methods and Pricing

The Nirvana Shop would very much cater credit card and cash payments. Most of the times, if one would be choosing the CASH mode of payment; you would have to send bills instead of coins. This is to guarantee the convenience of sending cash without the hassle of its possible loss.

Customer Feedback and Reviews

“Man I had a great experience with nirvana. it only took 6 days to get my stuff and the genetics were awesome. I think that if you are having issues, it’s the customs part, not the nirvana part. and those girls that run the place are really good about taking care of you if there is an issue. id see about getting a different address to ship to, customs might be hip to your game through nirvana. I really like nirvana. but I think I might give attitude a whirl since you seem to like them. “

– Hermandamerman

“ Great company, seed’s are quality, staff are great and they helped me dispose of my “child-bride and horse cock” DVD collections, Sam the regional manager also enjoys scraping the thick, yellow, pungent, congealed smegma from my cheesy little dripper, the n he smokes it with freebase for what he calls the “smegma zone”

– Bobby FannyWinkle

Final Verdict

The Nirvana Shop is indeed one of the best cannabis seed banks where you can avail your seeds from. However, it is best that one should rather be more meticulous of the type of strain that you will be ordering as some may not really do well during travel and would affect its germination rate.

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