Necessary Marijuana Gears for Weed Harvesting

Necessary Marijuana Gears for Weed Harvesting

Marijuana growers harvest buds in different ways. The time of harvest will also differ, depending on the grower’s preference and the type of strain grown. Harvest time and methods of harvesting may not be alike but almost all pot gardeners are using the same tools in reaping the buds. Harvesting gear includes a pair of working gloves, scissors (different sizes), and knifes, tray, razors and paper bags (small and large sizes).

The harvest of cannabis buds is the most awaited time of every marijuana gardener whether the purpose of growing is selling or for personal use. This is the time for pot growers to receive the pay for the effort, skills, time and money shared. To get you started, gather all the necessary harvesting gear and make sure all are clean to avoid contamination on buds. Improper handling done during the harvest time may contaminate the buds, resulting to mold growth once they are kept for drying and curing. To ensure of an easy reaping of marijuana buds, harvesting gear should be accessible.

When buds are ready for harvesting, secure all the necessary harvesting gears to make the task easy and convenient. Harvesting will not take long as long as you have at hand all the necessary tools for marijuana harvest. Get a pair of working gloves (rubber-made) and put them on. Be careful in handling the weed plants during harvest. If it is necessary to touch the buds during harvest, do it gently to avoid sticking of THC crystals on the gloves.

Use sharp scissors when cutting the stems and leaves of the weed plants. For the buds, you can use a razor blade to cut them down. Using a small pair of scissors, finish the trimming by cutting the leaves and tips of the bud leaves. After you are done with the harvesting, you may now prepare your buds for drying and curing procedures.

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