My Weed Seeds Review

My Weed Seeds Review – Something to Check out for Weed Smokers

My Weed Seeds is an online seller of high-quality cannabis seeds operating in Canada. One can choose from among a number of indoor, outdoor, and feminized seeds on the website’s menu. The Canadian company caters to all marijuana enthusiasts – whether small or big-time farmers.

Their website is also a very ideal place for those who love to learn more about the wonders of medical marijuana. It is not only a place to buy high quality seeds, but it can be an informative tool as well.

My Weed Seeds has a nice reservoir of weeds on the left side of the website in order for you to check out the different providers of every strain that you can ever find. These are highly rated providers that will assure you the best ways to give you the perfect seeds for growing, and so as some pot to smoke as well. You will be able to see your purchase on the right side of the website, and the terms of conditions can be followed by clicking the link that says it on the top. They has a very organize website.

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If you want to see what will be your advantage when visiting this website, then take note of these pros:

Lots of Seeds for Sale

This website is great. You will be able to see a lot of seeds for sale on this site, and you will be able to learn a lot of strains from this page indeed.

Fast Shipment

The site will guarantee you fast shipment once you’re at it, and you will be able to get your order in no time.

Discreet Indeed!

The site assures you a good way to make anonymous payments and orders, and it’s all discreet which is why there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to your orders here.

Well-Organized Website

Based on the site, expect that you will be able to see a lot of details in it. Not just that, they have all of the pages structured well for your convenience.


Sadly, not all things are perfect. Here are the cons of the website for you to learn more about it:

Some strains are unavailable

At some point, some of the strains that are available on this site are not available for purchase at all.


The company uses a standard bubble envelop for shipping where the product is sealed correctly. Only address and proper postage stamps is stated on the envelop and not the contents. Paradise Seeds charges a flat rate of 15 Canadian dollars.

Orders from Canada are expected to be received with 10 business days. Orders outside Canada will take 15 business days.

The company’s worldwide shipping offer depends on the laws of a specific country. A refund is issued should a country refuse the delivery of a product.

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Payment Methods and Pricing

The website offers four different payment options:

2. INTERAC (Canadian customers only)
3. Bitcoin
4. Money Order Payment

Information needed to complete either of the four options can be found on the website, instructions of which are included.

Customer Feedback and Reviews

There are lots of great reviews about My Weed Seeds. Here are a few:

“The seeds that you can get here are actually fertile, and it will yield good quality buds.” – Ron G.

“Premium seeds are what I’m looking for. So far, this site has delivered me good ones all the time” – John L.

“Ordering this is good! I usually order from this site without fail even though I live in the US. It was splendid!” – Richard O.

Final Verdict

My Weed Seeds is one of the top sites that a lot of people have visited so far. With just one disadvantage which is the fact that some seeds are out of stock, expect that they will still provide high-quality strains in no time. This is a well-organize site that’s dedicated to all of those that love growing weed, and for people who just love to smoke marijuana for the sake of medical purposes and relaxation.

So if you ever want to get the best out of your marijuana strains, be sure to log in to this site and check out the different seeds that they have there to assure you the perfect way to get high, stoned, and even medicated. All you need is the money and the $15 shipping fee, chill out and wait for that order to start getting what you really want out of the finest weeds in the world.

As a final point, this company is highly recommended. Just make sure you already determine the kind of pot that is compatible and perfect for you. Although some strains are not available but you can always find the right one.

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