Meters and Timers for Growing Cannabis Indoors and Outdoors

Meters and Timers for Growing Cannabis Indoors and Outdoors

Growing marijuana in an indoor garden requires more attention and time. Additional grow equipments are necessary to ensure that the environment inside is suitable for a healthy pot cultivation. For the cannabis plants to thrive well, temperature and humidity should be maintained at the right range. The pH level of the grow medium used should be closely monitored. Ensure that the medium used is neutral in pH, whether you are growing cannabis in hydroponics or soil.

Marijuana Meters

A pH meter is used to determine the pH level of soil and other grow mediums. Acidic soil can affect the growth cycle of weed. Slow growth can decrease potency of the buds and lessen harvest. Common deficiency occurring in cannabis plants are lessened if pH is kept neutral. Whether you choose to cultivate marijuana indoor or outdoor, having a pH meter is a great addition to any garden spot. Aside from pH meters, some pot gardeners are also using an EC meter to measure the electrical conductivity of water. This type of equipment is used to measure how much amount of nutrients you can feed your weed plants and add into the water without over fertilizing. An EC meter is ideally used together with the pH meter to make sure that over fertilization cannot happen. Other meters useful in every indoor and outdoor garden include conductivity, light and combination meters.

Marijuana Timers

Timers are also necessary for marijuana growing. Cannabis cultivation indoors needs a light timer to regulate the number of light and dark hours supplied to the plants. In an outdoor garden, a timer is used for the watering system. Lighting timers are available in different models. Choose a kind of timer that is easy to operate and to program so even novice growers can easily use it. Meters/timers are a great addition to any indoor or outdoor garden to ensure that pot plants are grown in a suitable environment.

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